Role of modern technology Essay

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Role of modern technology

Modern technology plays an important role in our daily lives, it is the means of communication and entertainment. Computers, televisions and smartphones has influenced our lives in different ways, nowadays everyone carries a smartphone with access to the Internet. Imagine going a whole day without your cell phone. Would you be able to function right?

The advancement of many new sciences has made our lives easier and more convenient. As our technology improves, so does our quality of life. For instance new health machines have significantly increased the average life span for humans as well as household pets. There are apps and machines that people can use at home: small devices that you can plug into your computer and it will give you an overview of your body; heart rate, blood pressure, Now people can just stay at home and not visit the doctor.

Today, technology influences our every move. We have Facebook, twitter, E-mail, whatsapp, line and many other social apps that enable us to stay connected with our distanced friends and families in affordable costs. It has cut down costs of travelling, online shopping is now high on rage there is huge variety of products; it saves time, and products tend to be less expensive online. Moreover this is good for the people having no time to shop for themselves. Also now people use computers for the advancement of their knowledge, books are no longer the main way to improve the understanding of a specific matter.

Even though it is said that modern machines causes a lot of pollution that is abusing the environment, mechanics have invented machines that has benefited the environment in various ways, for instance the technologies like oil skimmers help make environment cleanup more effectively, also the hybrid technology, it is fuel efficient and creates fewer carbon dioxide emissions than many petrol powered cars. The hybrid technology is renowned for reliability and durability, which can result in low maintenance costs.

In conclusion I think rapid advancement of technology has made a great impact on peoples’ life-styles, the way people communicate now has significantly¬†changed, the modern health machines have saved many lives and the environmental issues have been considered and so now machines are being invented which helps reduce the co2 emissions. Looking at the positive side, overall it has made society even better and there is no limit to the development of the technology.

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