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Role of Corporations in Addressing the Global Warming


Global Warming refers to the gradual warming of the earth due to the emission of green house gases associated with human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels. Global Warming poses a serious threat to all aspects of life on Earth, the economy, society and environment. It is high time for corporations to take a far greater steps in building, controlling and tackle global warming that can cause huge loss to the economy.
The role of corporates in addressing global warming and climate change has been a result of several factors which are direct and indirect, including to the financial and economic interests, branding, risk management, and ethical responsibility and responsiveness to the global changes.

Global Warming has been a great threat to the world economy with huge potential of affecting all facets of life, from economic to the social fabrics of the global society. Corporates businesses are the important component of the social fabric, and there is an integral role played by businessman and businesswomen on issues which are potentially impacting the corporate from top to bottom lines.

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There are corporations in smaller number which are significant contributors to global warming and Green House Gas emissions, the effect of Industrial companies too have contributed to all kinds of pollution, that has led to global warming and has also impacted the climate change.

However, corporates have engaged in pursuing actions to control impact of global warming and its threat to extreme weather conditions, which can affect the corporate infrastructure operations.

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The consequences of Global warming on corporations can disrupt the supply change and transportation, there will be higher premium insurance for operating business in most parts of the world that will be severely affected by it, there will be huge impact on human resources, and changes in energy supply.

Each industry sector from tourism to logistics will be negatively and adversely affected. Corporations and business organizations have suggested various strategies in dealing with the effects of Green Gas. Corporations should adopt adaptive strategies to tackle the issues arising from Green House Gas.

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