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Role of agriculture in economic growth

Categories Agriculture, Economics, Environment, Environmental Issues, Poverty, Society, Sustainability

Essay, Pages 2 (421 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (421 words)

The data applied for the assessment of the status and role of agriculture in economic growth of Ethiopia, by this term paper is primarily based on the assessment of previous related work by investigating literature review. To be more precise and relay on latest updated data we collect secondary data from official source such as Central statistics agency, National Bank of Ethiopia and World Bank data. We have also collected a number of annual official reports, annual progress reports for some projects, organizational databases and the Internet.

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The search for document also involved the review of current policy documents, guidelines, strategies and manuals related to agriculture performance in Ethiopia.

We tried to observe and review a lot of journals that has been documented by many scholars, which is more or less related to the role and performance of agriculture in economic progress and in reducing poverty. The paper tried to examine the performance of Ethiopian agriculture to some extent by comparing it with certain African countries and draw some of its implications for future economic growth.

We used simple descriptive statistics to assess the status and role of agriculture in economic performance of Ethiopia. We compared its role with major economic growth determinants, in poverty reduction, employment generation and in achieving food security based on our secondary data using simple descriptive statistics and STATA version 14. Finally, we evaluated its causes of growth drivers and identified impediments hindering its growth based on policy analysis.


In the assessment of the status and role of agriculture in economic growth we applied known economic growth indicators used by World Bank and others.

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Among the indicators we selected real GDP growth and per capita income, employment ratio of GDP, Sectorial share of GDP percentage , aggregated export, and poverty head count ratio based on national and international standards, policy suitability, technological progress, climatic factors, and production output based on time series data. For our assessment we applied simple descriptive statistics and we employed excel sheet extensively for the purpose of data management and for simple mathematical calculations. The secondary data that we were collected from different sectors have been analyzed differently, and used to support the conclusion that we are drawing.

Based on review of documents, investigation of secondary data, and economic performance indicators listed above this study tries to answer: the major role of agriculture in Ethiopia’s economy, its current status, its relation with rapid growth of the economy, effects of climatic shock and government policy intervention, its impediments and future prospect in economic growth of Ethiopia.

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