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Singapore's Economic Growth


Singapore’s transmutation into a first-world economic system is a authoritative instance of the importance of a pro-investment, export-oriented theoretical account as a footing for economic growing ( Zarroli 1 ) . Under the theoretical account, foreign direct investing provides the footing for economic growing. A state, which adopts the theoretical account, invests in edifice good substructure and edifice of good concern environment characterized by addition to carry on concern in the specific state. Singapore applied the above theoretical account absolutely, transforming itself into attractive investing hub and thereby transforming the citizens’ lives.

Immense unemployment rates and an developing fabrication sector

At independency, Singapore faced several jobs including immense unemployment rates and an developing fabrication sector since the British colonisers used Singapore as a port ( Cahyadi, Kursten, Weiss & A ; Yang 4 ) . The immature Singapore authorities, aware of the above challenges solicited for aid from the United Nations to supply her with economic policy shapers. This was the foundation of the above theoretical account, which has transformed the state into the Prime Minister concern Centre in Asia.

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Apart from high unemployment rates, Singapore did non hold any natural resources ( The Economist 1 ) . At independency, most states relied on natural resources as the footing for their economic development. They explored natural resources, which brought foreign net incomes bettering their balance of payments. This enabled such states to take part in international trade and import indispensable things such equipment. This equipment would be utile in farther geographic expedition particularly in excavation activities. Singapore did non hold such shock absorber, therefore needed to happen an alternate attack to development.

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The country’s strategic location

Singapore annexed her economic growing on several things such as the country’s strategic location ( The Economist 1 ) . It provided a critical point of entry into the larger East Asia. Furthermore, the outgrowth of Asiatic “Tiger Economies” meant increased demand for goods therefore increased activity at the port. Furthermore, developed economic systems such as Japan had successfully transformed into export-oriented economic systems doing the Singapore utile to them. Furthermore, Singapore propinquity to natural resources lands such as the Malayan backwoodss made it the issue point for gum elastic and petroleum oil ( Lauria 1 ) .

The authorities policies

Another factor that contributed to Singapore’s economic transmutation is its authorities policies. Singapore’s establishing President, Lee Kuan Yew, preferred a thin and efficient authorities ( The Economist 1 ) . President Lee adopted an autocratic attack to leading in an attempt to instill values of unity and self-denial in his authorities and the general population. Lee believed that a shared value system provided the best foundation for development for Singapore.

Consquently, Lee’s authorities observed high degrees of unity and self-denial, which transcended to the general population. This meant decreased incidence of frailties such as corruptness, which leads to loss of development financess. Furthermore, the value system inculcated by Lee’s disposal is present in modern twenty-four hours Singapore. One good illustration that illustrates the degrees of self-denial in Singapore is the savings’ civilization in the state. Singaporeans embrace a saving’ civilization where in every six families, one has savings in surplus of one million dollars ( Lauria 1 ) . In add-on, Singapore ranks 7th in least corrupt states index minimizing the high degrees of unity observed in the state.

Lee’s authorities identified several sectors that would move as accelerators for economic growing in the state. This included substructure, fabrication, and instruction sectors. Port and transport substructure was of import as it facilitated easier motion of the goods within the port and outside it. Furthermore, good substructure acted as the inducement for foreign direct investors who would lend to the development of the fabrication sectors. The authorities embarked on a series of reforms, which culminated in a good concern environment. It eliminated bureaucratic concern enrollment processs and provided grants to local and foreign investors. This led to the development of Singapore’s robust fabrication sectors, which accounts for 40 per centum of the country’s Gross Domestic merchandise.

The authorities besides invested in the development of a comprehensive instruction system. This system needed to be relevant to the state current and future demands. As such, Lee’s authorities invested in instruction and today, Singapore boasts of one of the best instruction systems in the universe. This instruction system promotes wholesome pupil growing and puts accent on development of pupils based on their involvements and abilities ( Center for International Education Benchmarking 1 ) . It is non a strictly academic system where pupils who do non post high classs are encouraged to prosecute other involvements such as art and music. Furthermore, Singapore’s instructors are good paid doing learning an attractive and moneymaking calling in the state. A good instruction system has provided Singapore with quality human capital.

Quality human capital

Quality human capital contributes to Singapore’s sustained economic growing in several ways. First, it eliminates the demand for local and international companies to engage exiles to run their operations in the state. This saves on fiscal and other resources needed to convey and settle exiles in the state. It besides contributes to increased invention amongst pupils who go on to set up their ain companies. Singapore has the 2nd highest figure of enterprisers after the United States.

Consecutive Singaporean authoritiess have besides invested in engineering ( Zarroli 1 ) . This authorities, taking by illustration, automated most of its systems therefore citizens’ entree services over the cyberspace. Furthermore, the authoritiess have introduced engineering in different sectors including the instruction and wellness sectors. In add-on, the authoritiess have continuously increased support towards technology-oriented activities. This includes supplying the initial capital for start-up engineering companies.

The above factors have contributed vastly to the growing of Singapore’s economic system. The economic system continues to post good growing rates invariably, which besides translate to high life criterions in the state. Consecutive Singapore authorities ascribe to the Lee Kuan Yew’s establishing doctrine, which has contributed to the impressive growing rates. However, the major restraint in the doctrine is restraints on single freedom still propagated in the state. The fundamental law does non let presentations, which infringes on the citizens’ freedom ( The Economist 1 ) .

Among the factors highlighted above, the impact of quality human capital overshadows all others. This is because human capital is indispensable to most fabrication and concern procedures. As aforesaid, the cost of engaging exiles remains rather high which contributes to increased operating expenses in companies. Therefore, investors search for countries in which they do non incur the above cost. This surpasses investing in physical capital as most states have improved their conveyance substructure. Quality human capital makes Singapore standout and as such remains the country’s first issue in the order of precedence


Developing states ought to follow Singapore’s economic growing theoretical account in order to recognize their economic growing aims. They should set up value systems, which guide the procedure the economic growing. The lone thing that such states would necessitate to turn to under Singapore’s economic growing theoretical account is the issue of individuals’ freedom. They should advance flexibleness in their attack to statute law and let for dissenting positions. Therefore, persons can keep presentations and lead an — alternate life style. Mention to an alternate life style emanates from the fact that its homosexual activities are illegal in Singapore ( The Economist 1 ) .


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