Rizal’s Parents’ Qualities

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1. What do you think is the contribution of Rizal’s parents’ qualities of the shaping of his personality that made him later hero? When Jose Rizal is still a child his mother taught him to read a book even if he is only 3 years old of age at that time. His father is called to be “haciendero”, “mercado” and capitanes of the town which they were born. Rizal described his father as “a model of fathers” because his father Don Francisco gave all their needs just to have a good life even if building and giving them a library that that will help to their education.

At that time, it is difficult to have a library because of it also represents your status in life. His father has a personality of a strong, brave and has a leadership attitude. From his father he inherited traits of becoming a hero like sense of dignity, self-respect, seriousness, self-possession, and a strong character. While his mother, Doña Theodora is brilliant, intelligent, caring, lovable wife and parent to her family that derived Rizal to become temperament of poet, dreamer, bravery for sacrifice and a genius.

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Rizal described her as a “loving and prudent mother”.

Rizal’s mother taught him everything while he is still young, including reading of books at earlier age. His mother is the way why Rizal became a good poet at all. There was a time when his mother teaching him, his mother told a story about a moth, where that story made a great impact to Rizal when he was growing up.

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The story is all about the mother moth and her child. Mother moth told the baby moth not to go in the fire because it is very dangerous, despite of the ignorance of the baby moth he ignored the warning of his mother, and he went to the fire. He flies and played around the fire. His eagerness to go near to the fire leads him to get burned and die. This story was never forgotten by Rizal when he was growing older and become a hero at his time. Rizal became a courageous and a bravery man at his time because of the traits that he develops in his growing stage with the help of his family especially his mother and father.

There was a time when his mother caught by “guardia civil” and become a prisoner because she was accused to be a murderer. I think it is one of the starts why Rizal begins to question the government of Spaniards at that time. There are no investigation held at the sight and rashly her mother caught by guards because she is just accused by someone. Rizal’s parents have a majority contribution why is he became a hero, first there is no Jose P. Rizal because of his parents. Rizal Heroism is all because of his parents. Maybe his travels, friends, wisdom, intellectual aspect and everything he discovers while he is growing up and taking his adventures is just a half of share while Jose Rizal exist to become a hero of the Philippines.


2. From your perspective, do you think you need to study Rizal up to these days? Studying Rizal’s life is a nice thing to do, remembering a applying on how Rizal became a hero in our country, First thing, it is said that studying Rizal’s life, teachings and writings, Filipino youth will be able to gain incorruptibility, confidence, direction, courage and determination to move forward in their journey towards an abundant life, this is according to Garcia (2005). So proclaiming and implementation of this law has a good intention for students and also for the citizens of the Philippines. It is true that there is a waste of money, time and effort of implementing this law because of the books to be published, libraries to be build, professors and teachers to translate every detail of Rizal’s work but all of this has a good product for us.

Rizal’s works, his experience, his attitude. His love for the country can make all Filipino citizens idolize him and become inspiration of us. Our freedom from the Spanish colonials, our fighting spirit of becoming free from the conquerors is because Rizal opens the eyes of every Filipino. He died because he loves Filipino people and Philippines. Filipinos was determined because Rizal waken up every Filipino so there is no doubt why we study his life, it is beginning of our freedom, why we live like this today, free from foreigner’s cruelty, but it is sad to think about that many of Filipinos forgot about how Rizal save our country from conquerors which is the Spaniards.

Rizal’s life is an inspiration for us, knowing him of being a hero, a full of wisdom man, an intellectual man, a dedicated to his country and family, he is truly amazing and worth it of becoming a national hero of the Philippines and become a part of our history and also become a part of our life even though he is not present now in our life at least we accompanied him as an important person lived in our pearl of the orient sea, the Philippines. So my answer for the question is yes, we need to study Rizal’s life in order to gain more inspiration, dedication, ambition, love to our country, wisdom and all of the traits that Rizal gain when he was alive and fighting for the sake of our country.


3. What d you think greatest advantage given to Rizal by his travel? Cite concrete example and defend your answer? Rizal’s travel was the biggest contribution for his success in education, ideals, and his eagerness to fulfill his dreams, goals and vision. This achievement made his friend from the other country admire him so much like Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt, an Austrian Linguist and the Director of Ateneo de Leitmeritz, he called Rizal as the “Greatest Filipino” and “the greatest of the Malayan race”. Praising by that word is so much heart whelming for Rizal. His first travel to Europe is the beginning of his true adventure in his life, socializing in other races and introduce him to the other as a Filipino is one of a proof that he is proud to be a Filipino even though Filipinos at that time was popular of being an Indio but he is proud to represent himself as a Filipino after all.

When he was in Europe, he visited and stayed in many places like Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg, Wilhelmsfeld, Leipzig, Belin, Dresden many more. This is the time that he has an opportunity to continue his studies in medicine, he pursue to become a doctor because he wants to heal her mother that at the time, is a cataracts victim. He met different persons in his adventures, every person that he met there is knowledge he gained including dialects and language.

Homesick was his enemy at that time but he fought his homesick otherwise he wrote a poems about his experience in the Europe, his first poem that he wrote is the Me Piden Versos (“They ask me for Verses’). This poem is to her mother and he personally recited it during New year’s eve reception of the Madrid Filipinos. When he was staying in every places, there is no time that he studied their language, One of that is the Germany, this is one of his achievements that he know how to speak in German language, with the of his friends like Dr, Feodor Jagor, who is a German scientist, Karl Ernest Schweigger, well-known German ophthalmologist. This travels broaden his mind very much, his knowledge, his talents, and even though his determination to finish his first novel, “Noli Me tangere”.

When he on the travels he finished his novel, “Noli Me tangere” and published it. This means that his travels help him to realize and to think about our country’s position at that time. His travel made Him famous, Socialize and meet true friends that helps him to become a full of wisdom hero. And his travels made the Philippines famous not to be called as “indio” but also a country that has people with great and amazing talents and knowledge.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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