Review Of My New Interactive Multimedia Product

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In the client's brief, they specified that they wanted a multimedia product. I did this by including images on each page and a video on one page. The client also specified that they wanted the product to promote the features and facilities of the park. I have done this by putting quotes in to make the different activities seem exciting and have a whole page dedicated to the different facilities of the park.

I made the product interactive by having hyperlinks.

This then enables the user to navigate between the pages. This means that I have followed my client’s requirements of having an interactive product.

I could have improved certain aspects of my product. One aspect I could have improved would be that the brief states multimedia which means images, sounds and videos. I added images and a video but did not add sounds. This is because I could not find any sounds that suited what I wanted and that I thought fit the correct page.

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If I were to improve this then I would try and find sounds regardless of whether I liked it or not as the brief states multimedia. Not having sounds means it is not quite multimedia and that means I have not done exactly what the client wanted.

I could also have improved the images on my facilities page. The brief specified that they wanted a facilities page which I made. However, I forgot to get images for the facilities page which meant I had to get images quickly which weren’t of good quality and that hadn’t had much thought put into them.

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If I were to improve this I would try and remember to collect images for the facilities page beforehand so then I did not have to rush into finding them and I could take more care intersecting the right one.

In my mind map, I said that perhaps the pages could be different colours. I originally wanted the background colour to be purple all the way through but after some consideration, I changed my mind. This is because I wanted my text to be green and realised that green on a purple background would not work very well as it would be difficult to see properly. I changed the background colour to a pale yellow but kept the green writing. I got rid of the green writing because it did not stand out very well. I then changed the writing to a black colour and kept the pale yellow background. I think that this was a good decision to make because it now stands out well and the user would be able to see it a long way off.

If I were to improve the product I would make the images have more girls on them. This is because my target audience is people of all genders and most of my images feature boys. This means that girls might feel as though they cannot attend the park. This means that the target audience would be boys instead, but we want all genders so they feel included. If I were to do this again I would make the number of images with girls equal to the number of images of boys so it is clear that all genders can come to the park.

Copyright was quite a big problem when gathering my images. This is because the images I chose were all copyrighted. I should have done more primary images so then there would not be a problem with right. If I had done this it would have meant that I had more time to spend on creating the product and I wouldn’t have had to write to the owner for permission.

The brief states that the activities are aimed at energetic people who like an adventure. I have done this by including images that look fun and interesting and by having quotes about each activity to say why it is so good. I think this is a good idea of mine as it means that people will be persuaded to go to the park and I think it will interest energetic people.

I decided that the target audience would be from the ages of 13 to 25. I appealed to them in the product by having more images than writing. I decided that most teenagers and young adults would not be interested in reading the text and would be far more interesting in watching the video and looking at the images. However, I did include some text in the product as mentioned above so then the target audience would get more information about each activity.

I created a primary logo for DayzOut. However, I feel that it is quite basic. This is because I was unsure of how to work Photoshop and insert the correct effects. I ended up using the drawing tool to create a basic primary logo. If I were to improve this I would spend time learning how to insert the effects. This would make the logo look more professional.

I feel like my video for zorbing is quite good. This is because it is not too long and shows the target audience what the experience will be like. This means that I am promoting the park like the brief specifies I should. It also means that the target audience will be persuaded to try that activity.

When creating the repurposed images for the product, I feel like I did not use any high-level skills. I either cropped the images or adjusted the hue and saturation. This means that the quality of the product has gone down. If I were to improve it, I would make sure I knew what skills to use to add effects to the images. That way my product would look better and look higher quality than it does now.

In conclusion. I think my client would be satisfied with the product due to the colours, the fact it is interactive and the fact it is multimedia. However, I think that my client would have been satisfied with a map and an extra page that has a booking form on it. This is because it would have provided more information for the target audience and would have been more promotional. I have saved the product as a macro-enabled shown. This is because it can be played at a kiosk and can be easier for the customer to use. This means it will be interactive and will promote the park more as it will reach a wider audience.

Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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