Interactive presentation

Interactive presentation of the service

It will also be helpful in disseminating information if the tyre shop can provide an interactive presentation of the service to its customers, such as in form of video presentation. Depending on the way that the video is presented, the same can also be a source of entertainment for the customers. This can be a good reason for them to focus on the message being delivered by the video presentation and a great reason for them to stay longer in the shops.

It will be easier for the customers to absorb the information being relayed if they are entertained while watching the same.

For this purpose, the tyre will have to provide or renovate the shop in order to make space for a customers’ lounge. This room can serve as the venue where customers can view the presentation. This mode of marketing can likewise be utilized as a strategy to keep the customers browsing in the garage shops.

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In this event, the customers may even spend more time in the shop, giving way to the possibility that they may browse or buy additional products from the tyre shop.

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Posters As compared to pamphlets and video presentation, posters can be less costly on the part of the tyre shop.

As the posters will simply be posted on certain areas, there will be no need to give them away to customers. As fewer materials will be needed for posters, this means less expenditure on the part of the tyre shop. It is also noteworthy that the design used for the pamphlets can likewise be used for the posters to save on costs. The provision of posters can also be beneficial to the customers who do not have the time to watch the entire video presentation prepared. The poster can be considered as a back-up for pamphlets and audio-visual presentation.

Just like in the case of giving away pamphlets, however, the environmental issues that may be touched upon should be taken into account by the tyre shop. Internet and Webpage Due to the rise and popularity of computers and the internet, the tyre shop may also opt to simply upload the program as well in the tyre shop website. If the tyre shop has a database of its customers, the information may also be sent through electronic mail. This will be a simple, inexpensive and fast mode of disseminating information.

The delivering of information

The information sought to be relayed to the customers will be delivered in a matter of seconds without having to expend a substantial amount from business funds. It must be noted though, that compared to the other suggested means, this one is more impersonal as there will be virtually no interaction between the tyre shop and the customers. It must also be borne in mind that due to the absence of the said personal interaction, the tyre shop may not be able to respond to additional queries or questions that the customers may have as regards to tyres maintainance.

Contents of Periodic Tyre Maintainance Awareness Program The proposed program will contain a discussion of the following relevant factors that customers should be aware of as it concerns car tyres and the way that the same affects the creation of a passenger-safe and environment-friendly atmosphere in the community. It is viewed that if the car-owners will be provided details as to how tyre maintenance can affect the performance of the tyre, it will be easier for them to understand and appreciate how environmental issues and safety-related issues are related to the topic of proper tyre maintenance.

The gatherind of information

This information was gathered from various sources such as from the owner’s manual, books, articles, existing or similar progamme or campaign. Correct tyre pressure Correct inflation pressure aids in helping the driver control the vehicle. Hence, it minimizes the chances of the driving figuring into a car accident. The same also improves fuel efficiency and prolongs the life of tyres. Alignment Proper alignment reduces rolling resistance which in turns reduces fuel consumption of the vehicle. This also ensures safety of the driver and passengers. Tread

Treading and blowing out of tyres will be prevented if one will regularly have the car tyres maintained. In this way, car accidents will be avoided. Consumers will likewise save money because the life of their tyres will be prolonged and they will not have to resort to purchasing new tyres every so often. Information Resorting to the manual handed out by car manufacturers and tyre manufacturers will also be helpful to the customers in knowing more about proper tyre maintenance as this provides them general information as regards the tyres that have been provided them.

In addition to this, the kind of tyre purchased by the customer may probably dictate the kind of maintenance needed for the same. It must be noted, however, that since car owners often overlook what is stated in the manual, important details and information that can be found on the manual can likewise be incorporated into the tyre maintenance program. Reasons for proper tyre maintainance The effects that tyre usage can cause to the environment and to the safety of the driver and the passengers should be relayed to the customers.

In this way, they will appreciate more the importance of regularly maintaining their tyres as they will be aware of the implications of using poorly maintained car tyres. It is important to note that as for the content of the materials, advice from expertise such as from the tyre manufacturers, various motor vehicle associations or organizations such Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ), Motor Trade Association (MTA), Automotive Association (AA), will be resorted to. It also important to gain approval for from the relevant authorities as regard to the content of the program materials.

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Interactive presentation

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