Research Essay Topics

Data Collection

Data collection is the primary procedure that will let the researcher conduct his analysis over a specified population study. In this case, it is necessary to first define the goals and then implement the correct data gathering procedure (Waddick, 2000). This step can minimize possible errors and capture the correct illustration of the whole subject… View Article

Ethical problem in psychological research

One very common ethical problem in psychological research is participants falling to answer question which they consider to be very personal (Michell, 1999). When conducting psychological research, the researcher is required to interview the respondents on each and every issue he considers suitable. Some questions posed could be very personal. This makes the respondent feel… View Article

Research Methods

In case where I am taking part in a community mentoring program and have been assigned to help a local high school student who is experiencing difficulty in writing research papers, I am most likely to discuss the research methods that I utilized and why they worked best for me. First of all is experimental… View Article

Statement of the Problem

To make a statement of the problem in investigatory projects, come up with a detailed paragraph outlining the essential issue that you will be investigating. If your teacher wants a hypothesis, or educated guess, consider the problem, outline it in a paragraph, and then add your educated guess about what will happen in your investigation…. View Article

Research Proposal Outline

Research Proposal Outline Literature Review a. What was the topic of your literature review? Media violence and its effects on children In 1 paragraph, review the overall findings in this field, based on your literature review.             Large numbers of studies have suggested the media violence has bad effect on child’s psychological development.  The media… View Article

Role of Research in Psychology

Abstract Research is essential in psychology because it helps in understanding peoples’ feelings, thoughts and emotions. When researching, a scientific method is needed so that there will be validity in the collected data or the whole research itself. According to Dewey’s Scientific Method, researching involves several steps. The basic steps are; identify and define the… View Article

Employee Mentoring

Jankowicz (2005) mentions, that methodology is the process or approach to undertake a research or study. Prior to follow a methodology, it is essential to understand the research philosophy, which according to Grinnell (1993 cited Kumar, 1999, p. 6) “research is a structured inquiry that utilizes acceptable scientific methodology to solve problems and creates new… View Article

Identity Formation

Identity formation is a universal term for young girls and boys who are trying to create themselves once they have that self awareness concept. There are many experiments that show media, peer pressure, and environmental factors contribute towards alternating a person’s identity. Natural observation and the longitudinal study can show the changes that form when… View Article

Business Past Paper

E of the following topics and write it in the space provided. (i) ‘The changing role of women in the family’ (ii) ‘The involvement of young people in organized sports’ Topic:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _… View Article

Reliablity vs Validity

The purpose of this weeks’ discussion is to evaluate and analyze an article by identifying issues related to general method reliability and validity. The article that was chosen was “Trust in the Face of Conflict: The Role of Managerial Trustworthy Behavior and Organizational Context” by Korsgaard, M. A. , Brodt, S. E. , & Whitener,… View Article

Business Research Methods

As baby boomers age and the need for health care continues to grow, the nursing shortage in health care facilities seem to increase, as well. Many believe that “a shortage of registered nurses is projected to spread across the country between 2009 and 2030” (AJMQ, 2012). Dr. Peter Buerhaus wrote in Health Affairs that the… View Article

Gender Differences in Leadership

1. What are the strongest points of the paper? What do you consider are its main contributions to the field of global people management? The paper itself has a very interesting purpose with the research question of whether women leaders are “really” different from men leaders. The paper gives a very good introduction in particular… View Article

Inquiry-Based Essay Reflection

Before walking in this course, I had it stuck in my head that intervening in a research paper was bad. I learned that it was ok to insert myself into the essay. I could intervene and put a couple of my own perspectives into the essay. In high school, it was prohibited to use your… View Article

Research Proposal

Now that we have defined the problem, we have a clear idea of what the approach must be. We have a vision and all the results that are obtained from this research will be applied to our problem. The first step in our research design is highlighting a number of possible reasons that may cause… View Article

Perfume Behaviours

Abstract: Wearing perfume has been becoming more popular among young ladies. There are thousands of perfumes in market and each young lady buy perfumes concentrate on different factors. Such as aromas, package, advertisements and so on. Therefore, this piece of research is to survey the key factor for consumers buying perfumes. This research is conducted… View Article

Admission Paper in Finance

Every person has his/her story and so do I. I’m writing this statement of purpose to solicit an admission into the prestigious Finance Phd Program. Many people endeavor into PhD to do high-level research and teach but my primary reason for entering is to be my own boss. Not to sound conceited, I have earlier… View Article

Educational Research

The research study explores the influence of technological developments to student motivation and positive learning outcomes. Educational institutions have started to incorporate the use of technology as an instructional tool to facilitate teaching and learning. One of the most recent additions to instructional tools used for classroom instruction is the employment of mobile technology. These… View Article

Educational Research Methods

1. What is the general purpose of a human subjects review? The general purpose of the human subjects review panel is to ensure that the rights, interests and the welfare of the human subjects are maintained during clinical research, and the clinical trials is conducted in an ethical manner compliant with standards established.  The review… View Article

Educational Research Methods

It is the research method conducted by subject teachers, course teachers and other schools staff side by side with their teaching. It is becoming increasingly popular as it encouragers to evaluate new methods in their work and study which is highly acceptable by all. It is the methods by which change can be noted and… View Article

Research preparation

Child abuse is maltreatment of a child either psychologically, physically or sexually. There are different child abuse definitions from different sources (Main, & Hesse, 1990). According to the (CDC) the center for Disease and Control Center, child abuse is defined as a series of mistreatment to the child that may cause harm that are committed… View Article

Sports Marketing: A New Perspective

Introduction Sports’ marketing is basically concerned about how marketing strategies are carried out for sports related products. In our contemporary world, due to globalisation every sports company is trying to expand its business to new countries so as to gain the first mo ver advantage. When the sports are already very popular in a particular… View Article

Thompson Chapel Church Action Research Project

As an action research consultant, I am provided an opportunity to analyze issues for Thompson Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church’s (CME) Board of Christian Education (BOCE) auxiliary. In the report, key stakeholders and the issues faced by the participants were identified. Data for the research have been gathered from the appropriate key stakeholders and have… View Article

Format: Typeface and Science Investigatory Project

Title The title should be able to catch the attention of the reader. It should be concise, descriptive, and self-explanatory. It should indicate clearly what the project is about. The phrase “ A Study to Show…” should be avoided, because in research you do not seek to prove something but rather to impartially find an… View Article

The Impact Of Satisfaction And Image On Loyalty

The research was undertaken by three eminent scholars with strong qualifications in the field of customer services and business; two of them having attained the rank of professor and the other a doctor working as a research fellow. Their background suggests that the research was of a high quality and followed the laid down procedures… View Article

Issues in educational Research

Educational setting as used here refers to areas like schools, colleges, universities and primary schools where education is carried out. There are several issues that are related to research and may therefore be addressed by a relevant research (Joan 2002, p. 218). The issues range from those which are related to the learning environment, those… View Article

Primary and Secondary Data

1. PRIMARY ANDSECONDARY DATA We explore the availability and use of data (primary and secondary) in the field of business research.Specifically, we examine an international sample of doctoral dissertations since 1998, categorizingresearch topics, data collection, and availability of data. Findings suggest that use of only primarydata pervades the discipline, despite strong methodological reasons to augment… View Article

Ethics in Research

While conducting research or writing professional articles or papers, it is expected that one meets certain laid-down ethical guidelines. Ethics in research has become one of the most essential topics in academia, and areas of scientific dishonesty have been identified. In my opinion, the areas of scientific dishonesty should be ranked as follows, starting with… View Article

The New York Times and Boston Scientific

The New York Times and Boston Scientific both utilize information technology to support innovation-run company. The difference is, The New York Times promoting transparency in the delivery of news and information. Meanwhile, Boston Scientific is more limited and cautious in the delivery of information concerning the results of the study. The New York Times which… View Article

Marketing Exploratory Research

Researchers employ exploratory research when little is known about the topic and previous theories or ideas do not apply. For example, if you wanted to study how to get students to use the computer lab in a college environment, you might first have to do exploratory research to figure out which students might need the… View Article

Difference Between Business Proposal and Formal Research

The final objective of the business proposal and a formal research establishes the differences between the two studies. Business proposal has a practical orientation and is designed to find the best solution to a problem in order to generate either financial savings or greater revenue (Bazerman, M. H., & Moore, 2009). On the other hand,… View Article