Report of the Leadership Camp

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On the 27th- 29th, Co-curricular Unit of SMK Tun Mamat organised a Leadership Camp at Perimbun Resort , Cheras. The camp was attended by all presidents and secretaries of the various clubs in school. About 72 participants include facilitators joined this three days camp. Its objective is to install leadership qualities and to improve teamwork among presidents and secretaries of various clubs. Youth leaders from local university are invite to be facilitators along this three days camp. Facilitators are invited from local university, known as University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

During this three days camp, several activities are arranged for participants. On the first day, after the registration of participants a briefing about the camp was given by facilitators. After that, participants were setting up tents.

Then, participants were distributed among several groups and group activities were held. By participate in group activities, one can improve the leadership qualities such as group leader quality and also teamwork. Leader of the group should have a clear vision of what they want their team to achieve.

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Not only must there be an awareness of this common goal of the group but it must also be shared and agreed upon with the other members of the team. On the second day morning , it was a morning exercise. Some survivals skills are explained by facilitators.Those survival skills are important to all presidents and secretaries of clubs.

In this camp , some of the important attributes that go into producing a good leader were highlighted. Such us , understand that every team member is different , be a model .

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An effective leader should firm the team up by having team and individual meetings to inspire and motivate team members. This can be done when a member of club representing to a competition. During the night , participants go on a ten-mile hike. The last day of the camp is the most memorable part . On the third day , there was a feedback session whereby participants have been asked about the camp. The co-curricular unit of SMK Tun Mamat was able to carry out this camp successfully because of the high commitment and dedication of all teachers and students.

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Report of the Leadership Camp

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