Reading Respond of the Achievement of Desire

Richard Rodriguez is a mirror makes readers look back their education experience and family relationship. Rodriguez was chasing the end of education for a long time until he wrote this essay and read Richard Hoggart’s book. He is trying to make a tight combination of education, family and growth process. For his argument of the end of education, readers always misunderstand the end is one kind of academic success. But compare with author’s essay and my own experience. Staying closely with family and share experiences and opinions with them are true achievement of education.

In the beginning, Rodriguez build a wall set him and family apart, and he blames on his ambition of academic. Actually, he ignores his family’s love and care from many details of daily life. He family wants to bring Rod out of unusual addiction of studies. His brother would laugh, shouting: “Hey, Four eyes! “(516) and his mother would ask: “What do you see in your book? “(516) when Rod was focusing on his reading.

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According Rodriguez’s background, he comes from an immigrant family and wills to enter into local social environment . Rodriguez’s teacher said “He was losing all trace of a Spanish accent. From here, we could easily realize how hard he try to be normal student like others else, he even seek any help from his parents. Rod is always trying to figure every single problem out by himself. Unquestionable, Rod gets talent on academic, he became little bit arrogant when he grew increasingly successful.

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That makes him despising communicate with his family members. “I spoke to classmates and teachers more often each day than family members. “(519) Apparently, Rod was not a speechless boy at all, but his overconfidence let him never respect his parents teaching mentally.

Oppositely Rodriguez “flaunted before both my parent,”(519) and he “insist on correcting and teaching his parents with the remark: ‘My teacher told us… ‘ ” Increasingly study and young of age expand the gap between Rod and his family, he still misunderstand what the real purpose of education is at the moment he “remembered too well”. (519) Rodriguez comes from a low educated family which has two different culture and language spoken. Rod’s parents know education is the best way to change their children’s future. Rod’s mother said to her children, “Get all education you can. “(521 ) “In schooling she recognized the key to job advancement. There is a clear idea in her mind why she support Rodriguez to be educated on parochial school, because she has never been in a college, on the other hand, Rodriguez is carrying his mother’s hope to push himself on the achievement of desire during the school time. However, His parents’ shortage of education shames Rod in front of teachers, so he needed to paid more attention on his studies to remedy parents’ part. At fact, Rodriguez spent lots of time at studying, but he did not real understand what he learns for, he just collects knowledge like a camera picture photos. As Rodriguez states, “The scholarship boy is a very bad student.

He is great mimic, a collector of thoughts, not a thinker. “(529) Rodriguez is that kind of student only care how many book he already read and teachers’ compliment. Even though Rodriguez plays a good role in imitator, he fails on rethinking what he had learned. That is a barrier set his mentality and physiological action apart. In this essay, author is advocating a combination of introspection and education, and leading up the end of education, he tries to tell readers good education not only focuses on on-side study, but also needs self-reflection during each period of schooling.

After years of silence reading and studies makes Rodriguez fear, that he already ignored parts of family life. He wanted to retrieved his family relationship and try to find a method way home. Rodriguez “impatient with books”, he “wanted experience more immediate feared the library’s silence”(531) After hard pushing from himself on chasing “achievement”, Rodriguez badly needs a long break to look back his life experience, doubts his education process whether really helped him got success and made him satisfied.

More expecting life is coming up when he seriously thought back “scholarship boy” is absolutely not the end of his education purpose. Compare with his early attitude to his parents, Rodriguez becomes more respectful and gentle, author’s sensitive heart provide a space to recall his memory of childhood, nostalgia of every details with his warm family. There’s a passage express his new relationship with his parents, “I thought as I watched my mother one night: of course a friend had been right when she told me that I gestured and laughed just like my mother. (531) It means parents’ speech and behavior has a subtle effect on their children, that also is wonderful gift that Rod’s kindness family gave him. In summary, family interaction is basic part of the a successful education. In Richard Rodriguez’s essay, the attitude of author is very complicated, he confused with family relationship, ways of education, self-cognition and the desire of success.

As Rodriguez grow up, he was struggling for what the end of education is, and he expressed his sorrow and regret because he lost lots of family interaction. By the way, family is the most important part of human life, we should evaluate education as a tool that can improve family relationship. In young of age, we may have some contradiction with parents, or lose our may, but I still believe I can achieve success after reading instruction of Rodriguez.

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