Reaction Paper Leadership Essay

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Reaction Paper Leadership

Leaders are made and not born. Leadership skills can be thought to anyone who is willing and given an opportunity to lead an organization. It is important have someone to continue the goals of a company. There are some qualities a great leader should have: Be strong when you are week – This is very important for developing a leader. You need to give them the opportunity to grow strong and they will learn from their own experience in leadership especially when a leader is weak, he has no choice but to become strong. Be brave when you are scared – Risks are very essential in business. You need to be brave to take risks. In developing a leader, it might be risky because they might fail their tasks but learning takes time and someone needs to experience failure in order to succeed. Be humble when you are victorious – Executive leaders don’t shout their success, instead they remain humble and silent. The more you show your achievements, the more people will envy you and will try to destroy you. A few days ago, I had this opportunity to attend a gathering with successful salesman.

We played dice game and everyone is aiming for the first price. Theirs this one man beside me, he said that he didn’t want to get the first price because he didn’t want too much greedy, any price will do. I knew this guy as a successful man but he dress and live very simple. The moral lesson I learned is that you don’t need to be greedy and live elegant in life, you just need to stay humble. As a leader, you need to stay humble to your employees. The business world is very crucial place and having too much pride and envy will not earn you anything. Sometimes when the company has too much greediness, they will became impromptu in investing without thinking further and this might became the cause of their downfall. Look at the mirror and not on the window – a great leader don’t need to hear negative feedbacks form others, they look at their self and improve.

Other people might tell you that you can’t achieve anything in life or other people will judge you. The important is that you know yourself that you can reach you goals and if ever they judge your capabilities, prove it to them that their wrong. You can’t explain to everyone that why they shouldn’t judge you, instead make this as your motivation to change other’s belief on you. A great leader is honest of what he/she is capable of. You don’t need to pretend of what you have and promise to a person, you will just break people’s trust on you. Trust is your most important assent – Great companies expands and continually growing because of the people who trust them. They use this trust to get investors and stock holders. They trust this companies that they will became successful someday. Leaders need to gain trust from their employees. If your employee’s don’t trust you, they will not follow your advice and your commands.

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