Establishing Knowledge through Preparing Museum Exhibition

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Establishing Knowledge Through 21st Century Inspired Museum

September 2019

Learning is the most essential thing that each person must experience. According to late Emmanuel N. Arinze, the president of the Commonwealth Association of museum stated that museums “hold the cultural wealth of the nation in trust for all generations and by its function and unique position, have become the cultural conscience of the nations.” For these reasons the museum must be important part of a country, because through this we will able to appreciate various groups and cultures and also this will promote deeper understanding to our collective heritage and foster dialogue,curiousity and are self-reflection.

In connection with this the museum that are team will going to build is not that big but can accumulate large information about the European countries, their foods, clothes, and the famous landmarks that uniquely made, also the museum will spread mind blowing facts about Europe that will amaze everyone and gain knowledge in exciting way.

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A. Purpose

  • To gain knowledge while creating it and for that we can share that knowledge to all KNHS students.
  • To build up different talent/s of students especially physical abilities.
  • To expose the best things in European countries that only few know about it.
  • To students feel the same atmosphere of the European countries.
  • To astonish students in the history of European countries in creative way.
  • To make students experience the real meaning of “learning with fun”.

B. Project Description

Museum is an institution that tells the beginning of a man and the world we all inhabited, for this reason each one of us must have a deeper care in the different museum that still existing because through this museum we will be able to understand theories that unexplainable.

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I n the other side the museum that we will go to create is a peculiar one because the ideas are taken from 21st century wherein the learning habit is in fast track. Also another reason why we should have this kind of museum it’s because in this way the students will see the European countries in a realistic way because of the brilliant technology called virtual reality, that students can try, then a game that exercise will exercise their minds and most of all, students can feel the European culture, tradition, and their way of clothing. Finally are museum will benefit obviously all the students but if we appreciate this, specially the facts about European we will not keep it by our self rather we are hyperactive to share it to our friends and other people.

C. Objectives

  • To provide an effective way of learning by helping the students learn from historical artifacts and inspire them to learn more.
  • To understand the importance of historical artifacts of the European countries.
  • To differentiate things in European countries that are unusual to many of us.
  • To entertain students with the variety of museum collection related to European countries.

D. Methodology

This project museum can be carried out in the way that we the alchemist group will first gather information about the history of the Europe specifically the countries ( France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United kingdom, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, and Holy see) that we choose, the background of those countries, the economy and the unique inventions/things that it have. Second, we will enumerate the important and most essential information’s so that we can design what should be done to make it attractive. Next to that is the materials that we will going to use are sort of recyclable materials like used curtains, tables, lights, cartolina and creep papers, also known DIY’s then the most important is the design of our museum because the use of technologies and things that known in 21st century are present. On the other hand the method or way that we make our museum appealing in each day there are sets of games that can be play and of course there’s a token in every students that will win in the game. Also in 1-2 days we the alchemist will wear the different countries traditional costumes, and lastly in our museum there will be a photo booth that is open to all teachers, students and squads out there. Furthermore, the way to persuade students to pass by in our museum is we will make some noise that can captivate them and we will going to spread around the exhibit site so we will encourage students to follow and have fun while gaining knowledge from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United kingdom, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, and Holy see countries.

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Establishing Knowledge through Preparing Museum Exhibition

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