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Reaction Paper in Top Secret

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (616 words)
Categories: Secrets
Downloads: 25
Views: 1546

At the age of 16, what are you doing at this age? Ordinary teenagers at this age used to go to school particularly high school, and enjoy their teenage years. Aside from this routine, teenagers may earn money by different stuffs around them. Most of the teenagers enjoy playing online computer games as for now. And who knows you can use this stuff to earn money and lead your first step to become a successful entrepreneur or I should say technopreneur.

Like Ittipat who is now a successful businessman. I just can’t imagine how these young people became successful in their life in a simple way like using technology. Ittipat made his first step when someone offer the money to buy the equipment of the online game he was addicted. Of course that way is illegal but he does not think the risk about that.

Maybe this is the starter for Top to think about the business.

But likes the other gamer addictive he forget his duty as a student, always playing game every day. Because of that he always get low score in his school and he didnt make up to enter state university of Thailand. Until his account became unable to use because of the transaction that he did in the game. And one day when he bought some DVD units but he was cheated by the seller of the DVD. But he didn’t give up. He try other business and like the other successful businessman, he went through many struggles in life like his family go to Shanghai because of the debt in bank, broke up with her girlfriend and many more. But he keeps trying to reach success. And when he start his own business on fried chestnuts and he is earning the management prohibited him because of the smoke that is from his roasting machine.

So the sales were dropped. His life is so hard in the early age, where he should enjoy his youth that the time. And when he turns 19 he created new product which are dried food and seaweed snacks called “Tae kae Noi” and that product brought him to the top! I think he got that idea when he ate dried seaweed from his girlfriend. His product became the best selling product and took over Chestnuts sales. And it grows faster when he entered it in 7-eleven. His business grows fast and he paid all the debt of his father and now the owner of a company. From an online gamer addict to a successful businessman and a billionaire and that is Ittipa! I am very amazed to this story of Ittipat. This will be a great inspiration to all new entrepreneurs around the world. He also proves the saying try and try until you find success.

Before, he was underestimated by his teachers and I’m sure that these people were very proud of him especially his parents that never thought of the thing that their son although is not committed to studies became a successful businessman. And lifted them up from their old life. Ittipa showed his industry and his great mind in reaching for his success with the help of the people around them especially God. Victory in life is sweeter because you worked hard of it But I think to my fellow teenagers like me, I advice to don’t forget studies for the simple enjoyment form playing computer games. We can be all like Ittipa, and we can find our own success in our own way. We know that if we do something to reach the dream, we just can’t give up that easily to reach that. If there’s a will there’s a way.

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Reaction Paper in Top Secret. (2016, Oct 25). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/reaction-paper-in-top-secret-essay

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