Dental Hygiene Research

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I.Introduction- Dental hygienists can be found in a variety of workplace settings, but Usually they work in private dental offices.

II.1st body paragraph Overview – What exactly does a Dental Hygienist do and why is it important? A.1st Paragraph Supporting Details – They remove hard and soft deposits on teeth Take and develop x-rays, make impressions for casts… B.1st Paragraph Supporting Details – Teach patients proper technique and strategies for good overall oral health. C.The American Heart Association researchers shared findings that professional dental care can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

D.1st Paragraph Supporting Details – Other similar jobs are Dentist and Dental assistant. III.2nd body paragraph Overview – Specific requirements and education needed to become a dental hygienist.

A.2nd Paragraph Supporting Details– Each state has its own educational requirements. B.2nd Paragraph Supporting Details–A minimum of an associate’s degree in dental hygiene is needed to enter the occupation. C.Majority of college programs take at least 2 years to complete.

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D.A bachelors or master’s degree is required for teaching, research, or practice in public or school health programs. E.Areas of study are anatomy, physiology, radiography, and periodontology.

IV.3rd body paragraph Overview – Advantages and disadvantages of the dental hygiene profession. A.3rd Paragraph Supporting Details- Personal satisfaction from helping all types of people. B.3rd Paragraph Supporting Details– Because of education and training, they are valuable members of the oral healthcare team. C.3rd Paragraph Supporting Details– Flexible scheduling. Full-time and part-time options are usually available.

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More than half of dental hygienists work part time allowing them to sometimes work for more than one employer. D.3rd Paragraph Supporting Details– Great demand for dental hygienists so employment opportunities are going to be available well into the future.

V.Conclusion – While cleaning teeth is one of the skills a dental hygienist has been trained to do, it’s only one of the many

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Dental Hygiene Research

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