Public Speaking with Recreational Facility Project

Don’t you love recreation? Well, you will never believe what I’m about to tell you. One day I was driving around trying to find something recreational to do with my kids and I could not find anything to do but carry them to the one and only park on the island. The park is so small there is not enough parking for everyone. Anyhow, my children ran towards the park while I walked behind them. The first thing I saw was broken swings, garbage everywhere, broken gates, and flies everywhere.

After seeing the terrible sight of the park I left and carried them elsewhere but I never carry them anywhere else after that because there’s nowhere to go and they are being affected physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition to that, a week later the park was closed until further notice because of the numerous complaints the government received about this unpleasant park. They happen to realize the park is not environment friendly and needed some major work done.

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However, they need you all to vote “yes” towards the allocation of city funds towards this Recreational project. I’ve done some research as to why they needed our vote and I realized that it’s for good cause and it will help all of us physically and mentally. I myself have voted yes and need you all to vote yes also. Voting “yes” for the allocation of city funds toward the Recreational Facility Project can benefit all members in the community.

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Why would the allocation of city funds towards the Recreation Project benefit all of us? To begin, today’s youth and teens face a variety of chronic illnesses that have been linked to a lack of activity and too little time outdoors. The reason for some children being so obese and out of shape is because they stay home all day, eat, drink and watch television. They wouldn’t go to the park or even outside and play. According to research, “Children today experience record levels of obesity and preventable diseases like hypertension and Type II Diabetes, caused in part by a decrease in physical activity and increase in processed food consumption. A lot of parents don’t have time to carry their children to the park because there is no park to carry them to. Well for me especially there’s no park for me to carry my children to.

By voting “yes” towards the allocation of city funds toward the Recreation Facility Project, You could help these children to always be happy and healthy. Access to parks and recreation programs has been proven to be a key to overcoming these issues and promoting healthy youth. Recreation can help prevent diseases from you and your children and also keep you fit and healthy. According to research, “Recreation park programming can help children move more and eat healthily and can also help children fight these diseases and live longer” (Park and Healthy Kids). Recreation facilities also keep your child happy, smarter, boosts problem-solving skills, focus and self-discipline. According to research, “Children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play in the out-of-doors” (Henley, 2010). It also helps them socially; it improves cooperation, flexibility, and self-awareness. Emotional benefits include reduced aggression and increased happiness.

Are you still wondering why you should vote “yes” towards the allocation of the city funds towards the Recreation Facility Project? Imagine walking into a beautiful, large, well-built park with everything around you just sparkling clean. Imagine sitting on the comfortable benches sitting back watching your children safely playing around with nothing to worry about. Imagine sitting back watching how happy your child is just inhaling fresh air, watching the green lush trees and hearing the chirps of the birds. Tell me how would that make you feel? You will no longer have to worry about your child being indoors 24/7 because you can now carry them to the newly built park. You will no longer have to worry about your child being sick so often. According to research, “Recreational programs promote physical exercise which provides several benefits to every child. For children with autism, it is said that physical activity can ease repetitive behaviors and increase their attention span” (Benefits of Recreation). How amazing can that be!

To conclude, without a recreation facility our children will most likely be sick and unhappy. Our children should be outdoors enjoying themselves and having fun. Let them be sociable and active at all times. Please listen to me, go and vote “yes” towards the Recreation Project. Trust me you will not regret it. Do it for your children, do it for their health. Voting “yes” for the allocation of city funds toward the Recreational Facility Project can benefit not only our children but all members in the community.

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