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I am applying for a position in property management in your esteemed company. I have worked as a property manager in various companies in which I have done well holding the same position. I have decided to move from my former employer because my wages has been stagnant for a very long time and I believe it is time to take my hard-acquired knowledge and skills in a motivating environment. I have broad range of skills in property management that were acquired through education and extensive training.

I have a diploma in domestic energy assessing and NVQ level 2 in plumbing.

This skills have been very useful in my work and I believe that the integration of this knowledge alongside management has been very useful in my job. As a property manager, I hold high discipline and honesty in my work as this is the only way that customers can trust a property management firm. Considering the importance of property as an individual investment, I uphold strong values that guide me through my job.

In addition, the experience I have gained over the years has helped me develop exceptional know how in the field. In my current job, I am managing 200 properties and five staff members.

I have been able to shape the company’s reputations hence moving it to greater heights. As a property manager, I am entitled to various tasks and responsibilities of which I have executed successfully and with passion. My job description in my current job entails finding quality tenants, collecting rents, ensuring that maintenance is performed, general administration relating to the job function, controlling and handling of queries in accordance with procedure, preparation of required reports for clients and for internal purposes among other related work.

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I always appreciate my work and always ready to take responsibilities for my action. As a result, I have developed concrete decision-making abilities that have made a success out of my work. The decisions made in the firm regarding properties are very important in gaining trust from clients. Besides, I am a critical thinker who takes all the necessary steps in ensuring that all issues are handled in the right way.

This of course comes handy with strong problem solving skills that I posses and have worked well in my job. Ultimately, property management is a job that requires client satisfaction and trust. Through my outstanding skills in communication, I have been constantly ensuring client support and developing a strong relationship in the business. As a result, the firm that I am working with as per now has gained popularity and is ranked among the best property management firm in the region.

I am fully confident that my knowledge, skills and experience in property management is what any focused company requires for success. I have learnt to be patient and royal to my employer. I have however found it deserving to move on and look for a good employer who will find value in my work and hence offer support in enhancing the progress of the firm. Property management industry is a dynamic area in management and I believe that more can be achieved in this industry.

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