Professional Accountability and Integrity in Nursing Practice

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Professional accountability is one of the important aspects of the nursing profession due to its impact on the achievement of healthcare goals. It is also a requirement by the American Nursing Association’s Code of Ethics where nurses are required to adhere to ethical and moral guidelines of their profession (Davis, 2017). Due to the nature of the nursing profession, accountability is important as this prevents some of the negative outcomes associated with unaccountability. This also ensures that all nurses maintain trust with one another as well as with patients which improves the performance of nurses leading to positive patient outcomes (Davis, 2017).

One way that a nurse can demonstrate professional accountability in clinical expertise is by enrolling in educational programs to improve his/her competence. This will equip the nurse with current and adequate knowledge that is helpful in making decisions when faced with healthcare dilemmas in the provision of healthcare services.

Nurses can also demonstrate professional accountability in the nursing process by adhering to ethical guidelines and professional regulations in performing their roles (Davis, 2017.

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Patients expect safe and effective healthcare regardless of their age, cultural identity, present health issue, color, or sex which ethical guidelines address. This will ensure that a nurse makes decisions in accordance with the law and regulations that are aimed at preventing negative decisions that may negatively harm patients (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Nurses should also observe the nursing standards of practice that are meant to provide all nurses with universal guidelines regardless of their specialties. This is meant to bring uniformity and ensure accountability in the nursing profession.

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A nurse can demonstrate professional accountability in evidence-based practice by working within the frame of practice and carrying out their assigned roles while delegating other roles to the responsible nurses (Grand Canyon University, 2018).


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Professional Accountability and Integrity in Nursing Practice

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