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Which proves that if the fish can survive then it is pure water good enough to release to the river.But According to the mentality of Sri Lankans whatever it is pure, but it uses the waste water which having a pH value of 7, then they won’t buy the product. That is the reason they release the water to the Kelani river.

Coca – Cola Beverages Sri Lanka checks the water purification level every 2hours before they release it to the Kelani river.It can clearly see that this is not a new technology which Coca – Cola Beverages Sri Lanka is being used but still they using a proper traditional way of waste-water purification procedure.

As it is a high cost of shifting from one method to new method. But still they do changes in machineries in order to make process efficient. Also as the water purification is being around pH value 7-8, there is no requirement to invest on a huge project to change the whole waste-water purification system.

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Problems and Solutions

As to the visit that under went on the Coca – Cola Beverages Sri Lanka, there were using mostly latest technologies and effective methodologies, it is hard to find a black hole of the company. But as going through deeply and comparing with other countries below problems can be expressed.

Problem I: Releasing of the purified water in to the Kelani river.


As in Sri Lanka, the mentality of Sri Lankans, it is really hard to convinced that the waste water is purer than the normal tap line water, but if a country like Singapore has implemented that the waste water can be used by doing a better marketing, that would be a good fortune for the company.

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Export the purified water some other countries such as India as they already sell water rather than just pushing to the Kelani river.

Problem II: Testing the water every 2hours before releasing to the river is done by humans, but the human can have many human errors such as reading, meter errors and so on.


Replace humans with a robotics which is fully automated and keep tracking 24/7. Thus this will be cost effective such that as Coca – Cola works all 24hours a day, there is three shifts and in these three shifts there will be three people checking the water each day. When considering a long time plan replacing a robot would be cost effective as well as more accurate and more precise with the reading.

Problem III: There is no any preparations on sudden disasters (Like acid rains)


As there is no any covering at the last stages, it would be better at least there could be any covering of the on top in order prevent on such as acid rains mainly. Thus if there was any error at last stages, it will redirect back to the beginning of the waste-water management. Therefore, if there were any preventions had been implemented, it won’t be required to have such a redirection from the last stage to the beginning.

Critical analysis

As Coca – Cola Beverages Sri Lanka works according to the world standards and as well as the latest waste water purification standards, it is required to be updated to get verified by world organizations as they frequently check the quality. But there are still in some areas which they are struggling to go further into implementation of the new technologies.

Conduct a self-assessment

The standardization will be the preparation, promotion and performance of the performance targets as a major factor in the industry. It identifies historical tendencies for managers and regulators, which help to determine the key performance today, and help determine the relative performance between the utility to plan tomorrow and beyond.

Commencement of self-assessment of Water Resource Foundation's (WRF) Water Resources Resource Center (WRF) Water Resources Operations Engineer is part of the efficient standard for the managed water utility report. Self-assessments are a useful asset for identifying the performance of the performers and reducing their deficits to help them develop strategies.

Evaluate technology

The filter technology that uses low background water technology has become a commonplace in the present market, but over the recent five to ten years, the water-purified infrastructure has a higher level of water than required. Management Missions should be managed by evaluating their technology and by replacing them with the most efficient products and solutions.

Perform a pump audit

Most of the pump used for water is water. The traditional industry, especially plant life of ten years and older, especially the plant growth outcomes. Depending on the reality and system demand, these pumps are based on the highest flow rate of the pumps when operating in a variable current. For this reason, many pumps are large.A constant fasting intercalates, using water and energy waste, requires more water than required. For this reason, their constant speed pump must be installed with various frequency drives (VFDs) to minimize the consumption of plant and energy in the plant and to prevent repairs and repairs of the repeater. VFDs can reduce pump usage by 50% and reduce water consumption.

Install smart technology

The implementation of smart metering technology to monitor the distribution network of water purifiers must be taken into account when considering water management practices. This is a waste minimization of water without income.

Review the dataLast but not least, the identification of the data necessary to access and analyze the data for the evaluation of the infrastructure and to make the necessary changes to improve efficiency. Most water treatment facilities have been established independently of data analysis, and it is important for treatment management managers to accurately measure and control the correct performance parameters.


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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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