Managers in organizations have several functions and duties which they carry out to ensure that the organization is running well. Some of the duties and functions are planning, which is an ongoing process of developing the organizations mission and objectives as well as determining how the set mission and objectives can be accomplished. Directing involves influencing behavior of people by way of motivation, group dynamics, communication, discipline and leadership and controlling function where performance standards are established, (Erven, 2008).

Another function is organizing where the internal organizational structure of the organization are established.

It mostly focuses on coordination or resources, division and control of tasks as well as good information flow within the organization. Managers also ensure that all the departments and resources in them such as physical assets, finances, the human resource, technology and knowledge are doing the right duties and well organized.

Organizing also involves the activities which are carried out in the process of configuring the organization resources in order to implement plans which will be highly effective and also efficient.

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It is one of the major functions of management where it deals with organizing the managers themselves, designing tasks, roles or jobs to people, organizing the organizations staff, organizing the groups and the general resources in the organization so that they achieve the goals and objectives set.

Managers need to organize their human resources in the best way since it is the ground in which the companies depend on,<http://www. bookrags. com/essay-2005/8/16/134242/800>. In organizing the human resource of the organization, the managers reviews the set plans, lists all the tasks that needs to be accomplished, divide the tasks into groups where each person is put into to a group where the person will be able to perform that certain task, this is referred to as division of labor.

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In division of labor, the related jobs are grouped together in and efficient and logical manner, the jobs are then assigned to individuals and the managers delegates authority so as to establish relationships between the groups of jobs and the jobs themselves. In organizations, the employees wants their work to go on in a manners which excites them and makes them have the commitment needed to accomplish the set goals. In organization such as Coca cola, the managers have ensured that the budgets are invested in people because human resource is the most important assets in an organization.

The management has put in mind that when they are hiring the human resource in the organization, they are not just hiring their bodies or their time, rather, they are hiring their training, their experience in the work that they are delegated to do, their energy which they will put in the delegated duties, their creativity as well as their commitment which ensures that the job will be well done and will accomplish the expected or set results, (Warner, 1993).

Managers in Coca cola have emphasized and provided the necessary tools for the employees so that they will be able to carry out their jobs well, they provide career counseling so that employees are able to know exactly what is expected of them. Employees are also be provided with professional development opportunities and training in educational design so that they have the required formal knowledge and education for their position. This entails knowledge such as computer knowledge or knowledge of using other technologies for production purposes.

Good communication methods between the employees and the management have been provided so that the employees can be able to communicate any problems which they may be experiencing and requires the management intervention. Good communication is necessary between the employees at the same level of management so that can share knowledge pertaining the work that they are doing, help each other and also come up with new ideas of how to carry out their duties in a better manner.

The staff in an organization needs to be provided with a chance to participate in the management and decision making processes which incorporates the common goals which needs to be achieved because the employees can contribute and come up with better ideas for managers. Team work and cooperation instead of segregation is also important as employees feel that they are part of the organization. The organization environment should also be risk free with a competition aspect so that the employees can do their best.

When managing and organizing employees therefore, managers need to change their thinking style from the span of control to span of support for the employees. When they provide such an environment, the organization will be able to bring together people who have diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas which will foster the emergence of creative ideas and approaches needed to run the organization. All these have been incorporated in organizing human resource of Coca cola and has yield good benefits.

Technology influences an organizations functioning and performance and cannot be separated from expertise, jobs, structures or processes of the organization. Coca cola company has has combined the technology available with the features of the organization and in turn it has created new affordances which have impacted positively on the boundaries of the organization. Managers should know that organizing does not need to take place around a hierarchy and the collection, storage, and distribution of the information as it was the case in the past management which used command and control to run the organizations.

The adaption of organizational practices and innovations in technology has made it possible for organizations such as Coca cola to organize around what can be done with information technology. When dealing with technology in an organization, managers should ensure that the technology is up to date so that it can be able to handle the processes being performed by the organization. The technologies should be arranged in such a manner that they are of benefit to the entire organization and that they are used in the right places.

Coca cola has organized its technology in such as way that its processes are running well and therefore the company is efficient and effective in its production. It is able to produce the required amount of products on time and there are delay involved associated with with their processes. They ensure that their processes are up to date by using the most up to date technology which is associated with their kind of productions.

The company has also harnessed and fueled many of its technological innovations in different arenas so as to stay ahead of other soft drink manufacturers and distribution. Due to its innovative use of technology and good organization, Coca cola has raced to the forefront of the beverage world. Technology has helped it to grow from its humble roots to become part of the larger system and it has also discovered new technologies and techniques of production.

Organizing and use of innovative advertising techniques which is harnessed by good management of technology, creation of new technologies and redefinition of how the technologies are used has made Coca cola to achieve greatness which makes the future to be brighter for the company. <http://projects. olin. edu/ahs/HOT2004/PolarBears/content. htm> In conclusion, optimization of organization resources by an organization help it to achieve its goals faster and therefore be more efficient and effective in the industry.

Good organization of resources such as human resource and technology helps the organization to be in a better position compared to others and therefore have a competitive edge. Coca cola has been able to optimize these resources in an effective and efficient way which make it a leader in its industry. Its organization of the human resource has made the employees to be experts in their field and therefore carry their duties more efficiently. Management of their technology has also made their processes and procedures effective and efficient an therefore have become leaders in the global market.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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