An Overview of Experimental SDN Topologies and Scenarios

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Doc ID 1 ADAMA SCINCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSTY Paper Review on Software Defined Networking Research Laboratory - Experimental Topologies and Scenarios Tekeste Ephrame A/PE16383 December 2018 12/29/2018Doc ID 2 C ontent ¶ Abstract ¶ Introduction ¶ Literature Review ¶ O bjectives ¶ Research questions ¶ Methodology ¶ Result/ observation ¶ Limitations ¶ conclusion 12/29/2018Doc ID 3 A bstract ¶ Software Defined Network is one of current hot research issues ¶ Software Defined Network it have attention of many research groups and service providers ¶ It is promising solution for data centers and cloud environment ¶ This paper present new SDN Research Laboratory based on high performance network device 12/29/2018Doc ID 4 Introduction ¶ Software Defined Networking(SDN) is an emerging network paradigm ¶ Can accelerate current network infrastructure innovations ¶ Three fundamental characteristics of SDN 1.

Control panel and data panel clearly separated 2.Change the idea of network logic from hardware implementation in to software. 3.Network Operating System is provided(coordinate the forwarding decision of the network ) 12/29/2018Doc ID 5 SDN Architecture Northbound API Southbound API Application Layer Control Layer(Control Panel ) Infrastructure Layer(Data Layer) 12/29/2018Doc ID 6 Continued ¶ SDN solutions are implemented mainly in high performance backbone network device(router and switches) ¶ Traditionally to perform experiments on network it requires expensive physical device ¶ T o overcome this limitation Simulator, or cheaper ,programmable FPGA platform is used ¶ But the result of the experiment can be 1.

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Easyly distorted 2.some scenarios cannot be conducted 12/29/2018Doc ID 7 Literature review S.n . Title Aim Gap 12/29/2018Doc ID 8 Objective ¶ Because of the above two problems ¶ This paper develop ¶ New SDN Research L aboratory b ased on professional core networking platforms ¶ New software defined approach's ,algorithms ,protocols and ¶ Optimizing existing one 12/29/2018Doc ID 9 Methodology 1.

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Using SDN Testbed Solution 2. Propose two experimental environments for SDN Studies 1.Data Center Networks 2.Wide Area Networks(WAN ) ¶ Conditions of real Data center and wide area network exactly shown 12/29/2018Doc ID 10 SDN Testbed Solution ¶ Innovations in SDN architecture validated using A. Emulations and Simulations Tools B. Software Switches C. Net -FPGA 12/29/2018Doc ID 11 Continued A. Emulations and Simulations Tools ¶ Enable fast prototyping,deployement, and testing ¶ No need expensive physical device ¶ Example mininet Mininet : ¶ Allows an entire OpenFlow network ¶ C ontains 100s of nodes and 10s of switches ¶ Emulated on single machine and use virtualization 12/29/2018Doc ID 12 Continued B. Software Switches ¶ Used to validate simulation result ¶ Used can be as Part of virtualized environment Mixed environment built with both hardware and sw or Installed on physical Linux machine Devices built on Raspberry pi embedded machines 12/29/2018Doc ID 13 Continued C. Net -FPGA ¶ Platform for building high performance networking system in hardware ¶ Packet processed at line -rate in a way program by user ¶ Consist of PCI based board ¶ Support three platforms with different performance 12/29/2018Doc ID 14 Continued 1.NetFPGA SUME ,platform with 100Gbps I/O capabilities 2.NetFPGA -10G ,a platform with multiple 10Gbps interfaces 3.NetFPGA -1G ,a recent platform designed for low - bandwidth applications 12/29/2018Doc ID 15 SDN Research Environment ¶ SDM research laboratory made up of SDN -ready routers and switches SDN controller(server with appropriate sw ) Hardware equipment for :Traffic generation and :M easurement of network efficiency and QOS 12/29/2018Doc ID 16 Result ¶ Develop new SDN laboratory Based on professional core networking platforms ¶ This networking platforms are SDN -ready switches, SDN -ready Routers, Network Servers, Hardware Network Analyzer and Traffic generator 12/29/2018Doc ID 17 Continued ¶ Develop new software defined approach's That is SDN networking paradigm In which intelligence is moved from routers and switches to sw or network operating system . Introduction of new protocols, techniques and emerging services is easily implemented ¶ Faster Adaption of new version of excising protocols and algorithm. ¶ High flexibility and agility is reached in network ¶ ,algorithm ,protocols and 12/29/2018Doc ID 18 Continued ¶ High cost reduction for physical device by providing virtualization platform ¶ The SDN research laboratory can support experiment on all scenario ¶ Scenario: migration b/n datacenters, data flow b/n users, disaster recover etc. and ¶ Allows for conducting wide range of studies and experiments in the area of SDN ¶ The result easily implemented on real world environments. 12/29/2018Doc ID 19 L imitations ¶ The research in laboratory only explore two environments (Data center networks and WAN) ¶ Professional core networking platforms (switches, routers, server and traffic generator ) are only one vendor brand that is used to develop the two topologies ¶ The paper doesn't suggest future research areas 12/29/2018Doc ID 20 Conclusion ¶ The concept of new Software Defining Networking laboratory was presented ¶ Two experimental topologies developed ¶ For conducting experiments and developing new solutions which can be implemented in real production environment 12/29/2018Doc ID 21 Question & Answer 12/29/2018Doc ID 22 12/29/2018

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