Three Different Scenarios: Work Style Conflicts, Leadership Conflict, Cultural Conflicts


(Damirlucky D, 2018)

Problem: John has a competition-type conflict resolution type. (Eric Dontigney,2018) That is why he works for the goal of rising restaurant achievement, but He always argues that he is right in the matter of conflict with chefs. he can be seen as selfish from the chef’s point of view. Even chefs could feel that he does not respect them. John's behaviour has made the conflict serious and high tension.

Solution 1. Leave it this situation.

The result is that causes the chefs get an unfair feeling and they leave the restaurant Also, John keeps on the same attitude to the chef as like selfish and he couldn’t stop to get involved with their work style. And he thinks It is the right way for increasing in a sale. Therefore, everything is still in a bad situation.

Solution 2. They should have a meeting once a week or a month to give feedback to each other.

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If John wouldn't accept them the same situation can be maintained. On the other hand, it can be a good solution if he accepts them. It is depending on his attitude and behaviour.

Solution 3. Owner directly tells John to have an attitude of respect for employees. John may feel uncomfortable at first, but it can take time if he tries to change his mind and change his attitude. If John wouldn't accept this solution the same situation can be maintained.

Solution 4. To give training to John. John has a selfish personality and an attitude that does not respect chefs is the biggest problem.

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That is why the owner has to do a personality type test to him, so the owner could see more of John's personality. the owner could understand the personality of John based on the personality type test. And let John train in a way that relationships between manager and chefs also let John train in a way that respects his employees.

Conclusion) They should get a meeting once a week or once a month to create an objective list and gives him training.

If they have a negative emotion between the chefs and the John when the conflict situation is in high tension. They could get misunderstandings and blame about the person. It could be difficult in solving the problem. In particular, the relationship between supervisors and employers is different from that with friends or family members, and the responsibilities and conditions are tied to the goal of the company. Therefore, rather than express emotions as they feel, they can understand the situation and the person's position by making thought sharing the fact-oriented list.

For example, you could ask John to write a list objectively and sincerely about the mistakes of the chefs. Then ask chefs to write when they think what specific expression of John is wrong in a task but have time to understand and think in many ways to solve problems. Since then, when the goal of the community is to increase sales, John should use a cheerful and respectful approach to chefs and a smooth conversation with chefs; instead of getting too involved, while maintaining the responsibilities of the manager.

Furthermore, the chefs should understand that John is offering them advice on how to increase the sales of the restaurant’s goal. When John shows a disrespectful attitude, the chefs communicate with a list of which of his expressions was not appropriate. It is time to objectively list the events which could be the reasons why they were disappointed or annoyed. It is possible to understand the position of the opponent first by sharing the faction mutually, rather than the ambiguous emotional expression.

When they have time to create an objective list and check each other, John may not be able to accept his criticism at first, but they need a process of discussion where they can recover from the learner's point of view and clarify actions and attitudes. learner’s point of view means that the parties of the conflict in an equal position accept openly the advice and the solution as a means of learning.

It's a time-consuming solution, but they can get win-win and it's a good way to learn how to understand each other. And let John train in a way that relationships between manager and chefs also let John train in a way that respects his employees.


Sometimes employees need to rely on each other when they work together and collaborate. When it has a problem with working together this is called Interdependency-based Conflict. (Angelina Farrell,2014) James and Ashley are not only different in how they work, but they also have a lazy inclination to avoid conflicts.

Interdependency-based conflicts can be resolved. It is said that employees can be held accountable for their responsibilities while at the same time realizing the importance of roles. (Angelina Farrell,2014)

Solution 1. Nothing to do: If Ashlee does not do anything, this problem cannot be solved. Because James thinks it is right to finish the work in time for the deadline. This James' s action not only keeps Ashlee feel constantly frustrated but may also lead to more serious conflicts.

Solution 2) to give a warning to James: If James could change his work style, the company warns James and guides to get James working right. Let James take responsibility for work. At the same time, let him realize the importance of the role. If James ignores the warning, the problem could not be solved.

Solution 3) Ashley directly intervenes and teaches him: Because she is a co-worker who has worked for eight years, she has the ability to teach James, who joined company several months ago. But if James continues to avoid and not cooperate with Ashley, the problem cannot be solved. Ashley would not want to teach James spending her time.

Solution 4) To receive feedback on employees' attitude to James: The company can provide a warning when employees do not work efficiently and do less work. Specific types include bad work performance, absenteeism, frequent perception or early retirement, and job separation. In case of bad work performance, it cannot be considered to be included in the reason of discipline, but it can be considered as an exceptional disciplinary punishment in a case that it is not improved even though it has received the instruction of correction several times or has been conducted by the company. Therefore, the company must receive feedback on James and make appropriate education.

Conclusion) To give one warning to James. If James gets a warning from the company but does not change his work style, company's staff or manager gives him feedback about his work and attitude. The company receives his feedback and provides a code of conduct and training to James. After James has received the code of conduct and training, he has to complete and submit a work plan to the company before a working project. James is not a long-time employee like Ashley, so it is a good opportunity to change his attitude or work style at this time. James might be embarrassed when he first received a warning. But if the manager gives him enough explanation and gives him a chance, he has the potential to change. Finishing work in time before deadlines may seem lazy person, but it has the advantage of being able to finish work in a short amount of time. If James is working with his strengths, he will be able to handle more working than before his work style. It is very natural feeling that Ashley, who worked for eight years at the company, is frustrated with James. But if she sees James changing, then she could not have a reluctance to work with him.


(Dewett T, 2013)

Susan is a person who has no trouble expressing religious and political things, and I think she is natural to express it. Lewis not only feels uncomfortable seeing religious political expressions, but also his attitudes appears that religious people are low in intelligence as such religious and political beliefs are associated with the identity of the person, expressing faith in the workplace can be invited conflict. The idea of politics and religion is different for each person, but if you push your values to others, some people could be interested, but other people may not accept the expression Even if you do not insist, you can get contention by taking out sensitive subjects as like Susan comes to work wearing a shirt declaring support for a National candidate for political office.

Solution 1. Nothing to do: If the company neglects the situation without taking any action, Susan will continue to show her personal religion and fairness. Other employees could not be comfortable with it. Another person with the same idea as Lewis might be caused again. She could not patient and still feel this action is alienating and hostile. this situation is going to be the worst of the situation, in conclusion, this problem cannot be solved.

Solution 2. The company solves the problem by opening a resolution committee.

Because Lewis is suing the company, the company should never neglect this situation. Citing Jennifer Dill's words from the Centre for Creative Leadership, each person is different in character, religion, culture, work style, and politics. (Jennifer D, 2018) So, there are really various people gathering in the community and the company. The company should properly analyse such individual differences. Otherwise, the affinity for work disappears and the sense of unity that a sense of belonging is reduced. This is directly related to the company's goal of productivity and performance. Even the turnover rate increases. Therefore, the company should tell Lewis that it will open a committee to solve the problem, and the company must understand the employees of Lewis and Susan as well as the company’s all employees. The committee sets a rule that gives Susan a warning and prohibits, stalling within the company.

Solution 3. Louise and Susan have a discussion in the meeting room together.

The third person proceeds with discussion from an objective middle point. Discuss conflicts except for emotional aspects. They comment on what facts put them in a negative situation. They try to accept the results of the discussion responsibly. Open and honest discussions about cultural differences between friends and colleagues are helpful as well. Learning more about cultural differences helps avoid jumping to unfair or wrong assumptions about a person’s statements or other communication efforts However when they are faced with problems when they feel become serious, this problem cannot be easily solved. There is a disadvantage that it may cause other disputes and the worse between the Susan and Louise.

Solution 4. Louise and Susan are separated into different offices.

This solution can be a good way to prevent Louise and Susan from perceiving each other. However, even if they do not recognize each other, they are likely to face each other because they are within the same company. It can be solved the problem right away, but it is not enough to get turned over Louise’s opinion. It is a type of conflict resolution that avoids something similar to not doing anything.

Conclusion) The company will apply for a one-to-one interview with Louise. And the interviewer truly writes in the interview process what Lewis was disappointed with Susan's behaviour and the unpleasantness she received. Since then, the owner and executives should be opened a committee to try to find a solution and give them the solution what they want.

To inform a warning to Susan and all company employees. Politics and religion are for human’s freedom of expression. However, all employees should know that there is a person who can accept it sensitively and that expressions. within the company are expressions that can interfere with the presentation and acceptance of diverse opinions. Furthermore, it is the company's responsibility to create an environment that allows employees to feel a sense of belonging as people who have gathered to achieve the same goal, knowing that the company is a one community.


I learned from this term that conflict is a necessity. Conflicts are always tied up in human relationships or communities in the company. Conflict does not necessarily have bad conflicts. Through the conflict of three situations, I thought that there is no growth and development where there is no conflict.

I have tried to follow this resolve conflict.

J Resolve conflict

(National mediation conference, 2014)

Identify the problem

gather all information - emotional, faction

suggest different solutions -fine different ways to solve problems

consider each solution -look positive and negative of each

select best solution - might be a combination of ideas

discuss how to implement the solution -may have to agree on steps

follow up the outcome - is it working adjust

Justify response

This assessment, it was just scenarios, but it is beneficial for me to find conflicts, figure out situations, think about solutions, and put together solutions to create conclusions. Because when I faced some conflict, I found that trying to solve problems without escaping could help me improve.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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