Power and the White House

The White House was given its official name by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, it was previously known as the ‘President’s Palace, ‘ the ‘President’s House,’ and the ‘Executive Mansion’ (Whitehouse.gov, n.d)’. The main function of the White house was to be the official home of the President of the United Stated. The use of the White House as the president’s home is the main purpose, but it also serves as a museum and is a national monument, it also has many other offices related to the government.

‘The Executive Branch includes the President, the Vice President and the President’s Cabinet, and the duties of the executive branch are to ensure that the laws that Congress has passed are set into action and carried out (Whitehouse.com, n.d)’. The President, who is leader of the executive branch, the Commander- in- Chief over military forces, and the leader of the country. The Vice President is the President of the Senate and the number one role of this position is to be prepared to take on the role of the President if the President is unable to fulfill his duties for whatever reason.

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The President’s Cabinet are appointed by the president, and then confirmed by members of the Senate. The members of the President’s Cabinet are the secretaries of the executive departments and serve as the President’s advisors.

During the time the executive branch was established in 1787 there was a rebellion in the colonies, the rebellion, known as Shays’s Rebellion, in which the farmers were of the confederate states were refusing to pay their taxes because they felt the taxes were too high and the economy was not doing well (Encyclopedia Britannica.

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2020). This disruption created by the rebellion lead to the Constitutional Convention in which the revision of the Articles of Confederation, henceforth known as the Constitution, took place (Encyclopedia Britannica 2020). There was no President of the United Stated when the executive branch was established, however, the members of the Constitutional Convention elected George Washington President of the Convention.

The original purpose of the executive branch has changed over the years, this is due to a democracy and division of power withing the branches of the government. According to History.com (2017), ‘The modern presidency differs greatly from what the framers intended; initially, they debated the wisdom of having a single president at all and delegated many of the powers of the executive to Congress’. The constituents of the Executive Branch are the other branches of the government and the departments connected to the government and finally the people of this country. The lives of everyday citizens are affected by the executive branch because the laws rather or not they are passed affect the citizens of this country. In my opinion this branch of the government has too much power, and this is because the President has the power to sign or veto laws that are passed by Congress and because of the President’s power to writer Executive Orders. According to History.com (2020), ‘The framers of the constitution arranged for a system of checks and balances within the three branches of the government that wouldn’t allow one branch to have too much power’. The writing of the Executive Orders displays a power no other branch has by the President. In closing, the White House and Executive Branch remain an important part of the government, but the powers have changed since the writing of the constitution.


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