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Poverty in Mexico Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1117 words)
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The purpose of this report is to show that poverty in Mexico is a social problem which not only speaks as an economic problem , but from this, many other problems arise, such as migration and this affect the ethics and morals of other countries, such as ours that is so close to this problem. To understand this, we must first identify some of the most important factors that cause it, and by the hand , the consequences they themselves have . Inequality in Mexico is considered one of the big reasons for the poverty grow every day , where discrimination is directly reflected .

In addition, in this country they have an exaggerated population growth , where four out of ten Mexicans are poor, according to the data reflected in the Mexican economy. Not being enough with this, we must include the consequences that this itself gives, such as violence, and with this we realize that ignorance in that country, becomes a negative result too of the deficiencies that mexican society has, ending all this in migration to other countries, such as united states.


In the past 25 years, real household income raised 1.7 % to 10% of the wealthiest Mexicans, but only 0.8 % for the poorest 10%. This is where we can prove that inequality in Mexico is undoubtedly a poverty country detonator, because it is much higher the percentage of poor than rich people. This is the result of a country where salaries for people in high command are very high, but for people in lower positions, as a worker, the pay is low even though they are people with fewer opportunities and more need. Faced with this, we need to be informed that Mexico is a country where discrimination is really practiced, against different population groups , either by age, cultural, ideological , and religious issues. Because of all these discriminations, old people, disabled people or just not sexually preferred gender people, live on a limited way, being unemployed , not having the same opportunities for growth than others and being part of a society where poverty tend to get bigger. POPULATION GROWTH IN AN UNPREPARED COUNTRY

Between 2010 and 2013 the number of poor Mexicans increased in 500,000 people , from 52.8 million to 53.3 . This was because population growth in Mexico is high compared to what the government of the country can handle , causing “extreme poverty” , occurring when people have 3 or more social deprivations. With increase in population, there is more demand for services and, in the short term , need of work , and since Mexico is a country with more por people than the rich and middle class, the poor class is the one that grows the most, so increases become more and the government fails in covering them completely. The attention of the needs of a rapidly growing population becomes challenging for a country’s ability to manage its resources efficiently, and in Mexico since the resources are not enough for everyone, this just makes it even more complicated over time , for example, people living in rural areas, can not get access to potable water, electricity, food and basic needs to survive. RESPOND TO POVERTY

Another aspect that is related to poverty , is violence , which occurs when people encounter obstacles to their personal and social development , which is why in addition to the factors that cause it , also the consequences of poverty affect the entire country. In September this year, the unemployment rate raised at 5.29 % according to INEGI, and because of this, the level of violence and crime in Mexico also increased . Although people can get a decent job , “sometimes it is not enough to cover our needs for living”, was the general answer in an interview made by the economist portal in the capital of the country, and poverty then starts to affect ethical and moral life, having the need to put by a side principles and having first the need to live well, or at least to live and this is where the country starts having more assaults, robberies , kidnappings and drug-related activities and illegal acts . In studies ,the highest rates of homicides and kidnappings occur in the poorest areas of the country. THE IGNORANCE IN PEOPLE

Last but not least, there is a poverty that is not material, but it is one of the worst consequences of all , ignorance of the Mexican population. This problem is so big that it becomes at the same time the mos important proved fact that increased extreme poverty in the country. Ignorance is a result of the people in poverty that does not have enough resources to have studies and get a carrer, and because of this they have close doors to many job opportunities and growth. Government is aware that they need to invest more in education, to eradicate ignorance and by doing so, try to assure there will be less inequality and more social justice. However, in the country many times education is not the primary importance in people, and it is getting in the highest number of illiterate people , without any title study . “When someone knows rights and obligations, is able to be self efficient”, an study in poverty or ignorance declares. CONCLUSION

As a conclusion, Mexican poverty is constantly growing not only because the factors that create it are really much more than we can come to perceive every day , such as discrimination, or inequality in jobs and opportunities, but also extends to a level of inequality based on race, religion and beliefs , making the moral of the country little , and this bringing violence, which is a result of the desperation of people in getting a prompt solution to their problems , an easy way to get money and an ignorant way to express their needs as human beings, and migration as the result of not getting what they need or what they expect to sruvive in their owm country, looking for ways of growth out there.” The poverty analysis should be focused on the possibilities for an individual to function, rather than the results you get from that performance ” (Amartya Sen, 31).


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