Police Brutality and Government Censorship in The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games novel portrays control through the Capitol’s controlling and isolating actions against the 12 districts. There are multiple controlling authorities in the Hunger Games that can also be linked to the real world. Suzanne Collins has a small depiction of the real world issues through her novel. At the beginning of The Hunger Games the “people” don’t obey the Capitol’s law and go outside of their assigned district and end up getting caught by the Capitol which resulted in an extremely harsh punishment, The Capitol cut out their tongues and turned them into mindless slaves.

This sort of degrading and harsh punishment can be seen in the police force in the real world.

For example in the real world, there, have been numerous cases of police brutality this is seen through Rodney King’s story where he was caught for speeding and six racist officers of the LAPD decided to take his punishment into their own hands by pulling him out of his car and in a disgusting savage manner beat him in a cruel display.

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( show the connection between this happening in the usa and Australia. In the novel, the Capitol also attempts to separate the 12 districts for a period of time to gain more control over the districts and stop the spread of the rebellions informants. This type of control over communication can also be seen in different countries where the government has the power to block websites and people’s communication with other countries.

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In extreme cases, the Government only uses these controlling methods to shield their people from the truth to stop the spread of panic or opposing forces.

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