Types and Effects of Police Brutality

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Police brutality has been a growing problem in society in the past few years Police officers were supposed to be the peacekeepers of the world, the people who protect cities to ensure that every person feels safe. In the past few decades, police brutality has caused many innocent people to die. This causes many people to not trust the police, in reality, not all police officers are bad, and the media, taking it out of proportion, gives a hatred for all police officers The problems all start with stereotypes, Many people still believe the horrible things people said about black people in the past century, many view them as illegals, stupid, dangerous people.

These stereotypes all play into what happens with police brutality. Groups are even starting to form to go against this, including groups like “Black Lives Matter” or other groups trying to get their message out about the injustice of police brutality Unarmed men and women are killed almost every day, most by prejudices made by the police officer beforehand, or opinions on that person‘s culture or color of skin.

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This needs to stop. Racism still exists in this world, just because of ignorance The ignorance of prejudiced people causes unnecessary death every day, The world today needs to accept everyone as equals, and it needs to come sooner than later. There are many different types of police brutality, There is a big difference between physical and verbal abuse. Physical abuse is the one more people are worried about, the police unlawfully using their guns, Tasers, batons, or any other weapon The major problem with police officers is the abuse of their weapons.

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Many people believe that because of police brutality, it feels like their liberty and freedom are being limited.

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