Poetry and Strong Human Spirit

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Success is the journey not the destination. “A strong human spirit essential for an imaginative journey. ” Imaginative journeys take us from the reality now to unreal existences that can exist in our minds. A strong human spirit is essential for an imaginative journey to flow through our mind. The success is the journey that is being taken not the destination. This can be expressed through the poems “Frost at Midnight and Kubla Khan,” by Sammuel Taylor Coleridge and “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou that see the journey as the success not the outcome and that their strong human spirit allowed them to go on the journey.

In the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou the poet expresses her journey through being discriminated in America because of her race. Her journey is much more successful then the destination because as she went on the journey and experienced heartfelt times, along the way she taught the discriminators she can still get back up even if they hurt her many times.

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The poet uses repetition to do this. “Still I’ll Rise.

She also uses similes to convey her connection with nature along this journey as she uses the concept of natural resources and by using oil, gold and diamond to show contradictions that people think she is wealthy but really they are the spoilt ones. “Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells pumping in our living room. ” She uses rhetorical questions to intensify the poem and to touch the responders.

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This portrays how she is successful in trying to express what she believes in to others while on the journey. In the poem “still I’ll rise” the poet has a strong human spirit that is essential for her journey.

For her to write this poem as a form of protest it needed a strong human spirit. Her whole poem is based on freedom which is expressed every time she gets hurt and then rises again. Her use of metaphors empathise how strong her spirit is when she gets discriminated but still has hope to keep going. “Just like hopes springing high” and “you may shoot me with your words. ” Her use of rhetorical questions and repetition allow people to think about it and understand it properly through her words and her strong spirit.

“Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ” Her strong human spirit allowed her to achieve the freedom that she wanted. In the poem “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge the poet takes us through his mind on an imaginative journey. His journey had no destination at all but the success was there all along through his connection and love with nature. The poet uses a lot of alliteration to describe this place and assonance to describe how beautiful this image of nature is and how the success of the journey is created through the beauty of nature. Measureless to man” and “twice five miles of fertile ground. ”

The use of a simile describes the place as being old but still in good condition ‘Forests as ancient as hills’ and the river as being scary and holy. He does this through the use of an oxymoron as he puts two of these words together and they contradict “A savage place? As holy and enchanted”. This is the success of the journey as it is still alive but really old. He describes a women’s music with alliteration “A Damsel with a dulcimer” “Loud and Long” “Deep Delight. By including this he has achieved success all through the journey as he celebrates.

In the poem “Kubla khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge a strong human spirit was essential for this imaginative journey. His use of assonance and alliteration to describe how beautiful the image of nature is and how the strong human spirit can take us on an imaginative journey. “Sunless Sea. ” By the poet using his imagination he has made this place that feels like paradise with his strong spirit. He needed a strong human spirit to imagine a place that feels like paradise.

All through the journey he describes his strong connections with the natural environment and because of his strong human spirit he was able to imagine the nature and environment using metaphors as extraordinary with the river springing up viciously to become a fountain. “As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing. ” The poem “Frost at midnight” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge his imaginative journey is the success not the destination. As the poet goes on this journey into his past and then he goes into another dream as well this expresses that imaginative journey is a success because his not reaching no destination.

The poet begins with a metaphor which connects with nature and God, “The frost performs its secret ministry,” so the success of the journey has already started with the nature and God. This concept relates to the journey of the poet back into his childhood as he in the quiet cottage and looks at the film in the blue flame which fluttered on the grate is contrasted with him in the past looking at the bars at school to watch a fluttering stranger. This is the success of the start of his imaginative journey and that there is no destination.

He then while sitting at school goes into another dream about his birth place and the church tower where the bell would ring so sweetly expresses the success of his journey when he was younger in the country side he was more connected to nature where in the city the only connection was the “lovely star and sky”. The poem “Frost at midnight” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge expresses a strong human spirit that is essential for an imaginative journey. The use of the simile “inaudible as dreams” which describes the quietness which gives him the strong human spirit to the imaginative journey.

He also uses assonance to describe how the solitude or quietness his inmates have left him is disturbing him. “Have left me to solitude to suit abtruser musings”. The looking at the blue flame gave him the strong human spirit to begin his imaginative journey. The relationship between father and son is also giving the poet the strong human spirit because he doesn’t want his son to grow up like him in the city but to be raised in the country so his is more connected to nature.

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Poetry and Strong Human Spirit

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