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Essays in Idleness by Yoshida Kenko
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Yoshida Kenko, the author of Essays in Idleness, incorporated his Japanese culture and Buddhist beliefs in his work. He highlighted and accepted the perishability and uncertainty of life. However, Kenko's views vary from the usual Western outlook and my own perspective. Kenko understood the unpredictability of human life and valued it. He believed that if human beings might live permanently, they would not feel the emotions they feel when they look at beauty in nature. Because he understood that there…...
FSK modulation demodulation
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Pages • 3
1.1 ABSTRACT: 2 .1 BLOCK DIAGRAM: Fig 2.1 Block diagram for FSK modulation and de-modulation 2.2.1 PIN DIAGRAM- IC 565 : Fig 2.2 Pin diagram for IC 565 2.2.2 PIN DIAGRAM -IC 555: Fig 2.3 Pin diagram for IC 555 3.1 DESIGN CALCULATION: 3.1.1 FSK MODULATOR: ON time TH=0.693RBC OFF time TL=0.693(RA+RB)C Total time T=TH+TL=0.693(RA+2RB)C 1 f1= -------------------------- → (1) 0.69(RA+2RB) C1 1 f2= ------------------------------------ →(2) 0.69(RA+2RB) C 1C2 ----------- C1+C2 Duty cycle D=ON time/Total time=(RB)/(RA+2RB)=0.3 RB= 0.3RA+0.6RB RB=0.75RA Let…...
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