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Plastic Water Bottles, Are they safe?

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Individuals nowadays use plastic bottles filled with water given that it is durable and light to bring. Numerous colorful plastic water bottles out in the market today which are trendy, and ideal for active lifestyle. Those vibrant bottles are made with polycarbonate plastics. Nevertheless, bulk of the plastic water bottle users did not understand that it may cause serious health risks due to the fact that of the materials utilized in making the plastic water bottles. The hazardous product which makes up the plastic bottle is the lexan polycarbonate resin.

Research discovered that this type of plastic polymer is unintentionally established by General Electric in 1953. Variety of products over four years like compact discs and DVDs, bullet-proof windows, computers, cellphones, infant bottles and water bottles were made up of lexan polycarbonate resin. People believe that if it doesn’t alter the flavor of the liquid inside the plastic bottle it is safe. A discovery by Dr. Patricia Hunt in 1998, those plastics which are made from polycarbonate resin can leach bisphenol-A (BPA), BPA is known endocrine disruptor, which is a xenoestrogen that disrupt the hormonal messaging in our bodies.

Heat direct exposure, like leaving your plastic water bottle in your vehicle, back pack, sitting the plastic water bottle on your desk is not also safe. The appealing colorful plastic bottles made with polycarbonate plastics might leach BPA. This chemical can be leached into the water bottles contents through wear and tear, exposure to heat and cleaning representatives. This is also found in epoxy resin and other polycarbonate plastics that may harm the reproductive organs and have negative impacts on tumors, prostate advancement by decreasing sperm count and breast tissue advancement.

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BPA is also linked to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes and destructive to infants and young kids. Plastic water bottles are just helpful for singe use. After using them it is better to dispose or have it recycled. The toxins in the plastic bottles bring harmful impacts to every user, and those damaging impacts are gradually eliminating the organs in our body. Nowadays those types of plastic bottle which contains BPA are now banned due to its bad impacts to our health. There are ways for us to keep away from harm and to avoid exposure to BPA.

Instead of using plastic water bottles, switch to stainless steel water bottle, but still you have to be careful because many products on the market are lined with epoxy finish. Another means, is to use glass bottles even they are a bit heavier, but are good and safe to use. Works Cited Medical News Today. http://www. medicalnewstoday. com/articles Polycarbonate Plastics and Bisphenol. http://www. bisphenol-a. org/human/polyplastics. html Water and Hydration Bottle Health. http://gearjunkie. com

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