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Under North America, there’s a country that extends from the ocean within the east, to the Pacific within the west, and therefore the Arctic Ocean to the north. North American country borders the u. s. of America. The geographics of North American country is usually plains with mountains within the west. republic is that the government system in North American country, beside a federation, and a constitutional autarchy. The queen of the uk is that the head of state, also because the head of presidency is that the prime minister of North American country, World Health Organization is Justin Trudeau .

North American country is usually all regarding market financial system that is additionally referred to as free economy in hand and controlled by the non-public people ,in which worths|the costs} of products and services area unit determined during a free price system (forces of demand and supply). North American country could be a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the North yank trade Agreement (NAFTA), and therefore the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Canada is that the second largest country within the world that occupies most of the northern a part of North America, that covers the immense area from the u. s. in south to the polar circle within the north. it’s a rustic of wide distances and made natural resources.

Long time a part of colonial North America, North American country became a independent colony within the middle of nineteenth century (1867) whereas retentive ties to country crown.

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Canada is featheredged by Alaska (USA) in west, and by twelve North American country states of the continental u. s. in south, the country shares maritime borders with island (an autonomous territory of Denmark) and Saint state capital and Miquelon, associate degree island that belongs to France. This is Hudson Bay, that is that the massive shallow sea indenting eastern Canada.

In 2017, the population in Canada was concerning thirty six.3 million, this can be concerning 100 percent of the population of neighboring USA. The Capital of Canada is Ottawa and also the largest town of Canada is provincial capital. The languages spoken in Canada ar English and French.

Canada’s social group may be a federal parliamentary representative democracy with a proper constitutional autarchy. The Chief of State is that the British monarch is Queen Elizabeth, WHO is portrayed by the governor, and appointed by the monarch. in theory, the manager power lies with the monarch, however in follow, the monarch and his representative ar nonpolitical and preponderantly perform ceremonial functions. Justin Tredeau is that the head of state also because the Prime minister of Canada. The Parliament of Canada consists of 3 components that ar one. The sovereign, that is portrayed by the Governor-General of Canada, 2. The Senate (Upper House), and 3. The House of Commons. the kind of state of Canada is Confederation with democracy. Canada’s Fourth of {july|July 4|legal holiday|national holiday} is on first July 1867, from the united kingdom. The constitution is that the amended British North America Act of 1867 patriated to Canada on seventeen Gregorian calendar month 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and unwritten custom. (Constitution Act of 1982)


Canada is one amongst the world’s wealthiest nations, and one of the member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and therefore the cluster of Seven (G7). The backbone of Canada’s economy is that the industry, that employs regarding 3 quarters of the country’s men. alternative major economic bases square measure the work and oil industries, and therefore the producing sector with its automobile and craft industries.

 Banks and Stock Exchanges

Bank of Canada is that the financial organization of Canada. Business Development Bank of Canada is in hand by the govt. of canada. it’s a federal Crown Corporation fully underneath the hands of the govt.. Royal Bank of North American nation is that the largest bank in North American nation and it’s Canadian transnational monetary services company. Bourse DE Montréal is that the securities market market that is in hand by provincial capital, primarily based in TMX cluster. TSX cluster is one amongst the world’s high ten largest stock exchanges. TSX cluster is additionally called provincial capital securities market.


Canada Business Network is that the services provided by the govt. for Canadian Businesses. Canadian Chamber of Commerce is additionally referred to as ‘The Voice of Canadian Business’. Canadian Economy on-line provides the data regarding the Canadian economy which has links to key Canadian economic indicators for the past ten years.

Strategies – Canada’s Business data web site could be a guide to business and Industries, shopper data, Company Directories of North American nation

 Transportation used in Canada

  1.  Airlines that square measure employed in Canada are Air canada, Air Labrador, First Air, West Jet Air
  2.  Bus utilized in canada is Coach Canada
  3.  Railroad that are employed in Canada are British Columbia Rail, GO Transit, The Rocky Mountaineer, Ontario septentrion, VIA Rail Canada.

Mixed economy is very developed in Canada. both the folks and therefore the government of Canada create economic selections for the country. Some industries are in hand publically, whereas some others are in hand in camera. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Canada is anticipated to be around USD1.8 trillion in 2018.

 Social Environment in Canada

Canada is also known for the 2nd largest country in the world by area, but its population is not that big. In May 2018, the total population of the country is 36.90 million. Population growth has been stable over the last four decades and currently there is no sign of slowing down.

According to some sources, around 46% of Canadians who are aged 15 and above could be foreign-born, or could have at least one foreign-born parent by 2031. While English and French are the two official languages, with more than 200 languages which are spoken in Canada as a home language or as a mother tongue. Freedom of religion in the country is a constitutionally protected right. Therefore, Canadians are liberated to have their own beliefs and opinions, and that they will assemble and worship while not limitation or state interference. This makes Canada a perfect place for expatriates of the many totally different faiths and none to figure within the country.

The living standard in Canada is one of the highest living standards in the world. The consumers in Canada are confident about the sustainability of their jobs, and the economy in general. They always demand for high quality products/services and after-sale customer support. The rate of online shopping is growing very fast as the young customers are increasingly using their technology devices to shop online (Banco Santander, 2018).On the other hand, there are some issues concerning growing economic inequalities in Canada. For example, Canada’s 100 richest citizens have assets of around $230 billion, while the richest 10 per cent of the population controls 40 per cent of the country’s wealth which took place in Attfield, 2017.

 Technological environment in Canada

Technological environment is another important aspect in the PESTEL analysis in Canada. Like all other major economies, technology plays a big role in the Canadian economy as well. In fact, technology is one amongst the quickest growing sectors within the country. People living in Canada, Canadians, make use of technology for many purposes, most importantly the focus is on education, careers, and leisure. The technology sector provides people with high-paying jobs, with an average salary of $67,000 compared to the national average about $48,000.

Political, economic and social stability have created the country a fertile ground for entrepreneurship advancement. In fact, many international IT professionals and Businesses see Canada as one of the world’s best country to advance their careers and grow their businesses. Across Canada, technology is dynamical the landscape of the many ancient industries and is providing each folks and corporations plenty of opportunities.

 Environmental issues in Canada

Scenic beauty is the main reason why millions of tourist visit Canada every year. The Arctic mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests, deserts, attracts and offer tourists a diverse landscape which is full of surprises. However, Canada is facing a lot of environmental changes, today. Challenges like, a number of air pollutants that cause pollution in the environment, causing to have acid rain, smogs, and climate change are affecting Canadians. Air pollution is a major environmental concern in the eyes of Canadians. However, it is worth mentioning that the Canadian Government has taken a number of actions to decrease air pollution and the emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that cause climate change.

 Legal environment in Canada

Legal surroundings are that the last component to debate within the PESTEL analysis of Canada. Relevant issues should be discussed, as for example, Canada protects the central rights of employees. There are some minimum standards employers must be accepted by concerning employees’ working hours, minimum wages, sick days leaves, vacation, dismissal, and many more. The Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, age and a number of other grounds.

There are many ways to set up a firm in Canada. For instance, corporations, joint ventures, general or limited partnerships, trusts, sole proprietorships, also known as sole trader, co-operatives, and Branch plant operations are the most common ones. International businesses entry into Canada through by setting up a corporation.

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