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Personal Goal Paper Essay


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Setting goals is motivation tool for a person to achieve something desired. It is important for everyone to set goals whether it is short-term, long-term goal or both. “A goal – particularly one that is accepted and believed in – appears to be a simple but effective tool capable of driving personal and organizational performance to the next level” Wartenberg, F. (2008). Therefore, I decided to set professional and personal short-term goal as well as long-term goals. My professional short-term goal is to complete my degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) with a minimal grade of B average.

My professional long-term goal is to become a midwife, where I can assist in deliveries in the labor and delivery unit. As spirituality is important in my life, my short-term goal reflects it. I want to dedicate more time in volunteering and researching what makes my beliefs strong through my conviction and personal faith. Furthermore, I want to spend more time to with my immediate family.

My long-term goals I want to achieve are to relocate, buy a house out of New York and buy a brand new car. Professional Goals

As a registered nurse it is imperative to have a continuation of education in medicine as technology evolves. After meditating on health care and the changes to come, I made the decision to begin to accomplish my professional short-term goal, which is to complete my BSN. I recognized that fear of failing has held me back. I thought that my many responsibilities would impede the continuation of my education. Even when I successfully have continued my education by attending conferences; I was not completely satisfied with what I had done and accomplished. For this reason my goal is to receive my BSN degree. I understand it can be challenging given that I have an abundance of responsibilities to fulfill simultaneously. These some of the reasons I have decided to make daily goals to succeed. It was difficult to begin school again after becoming a mother, working full time, religious responsibilities among others. In my circumstances, I decided no matter what occurs I will try my best in class and not drop a class in this journey as some are accustomed to do. I do not only want to complete this course but also prove to myself and others the importance of my schooling program and finish with a minimal of a B average. I know my goals are accomplishable only if I maintain my focus and apply myself. As a registered nurse one should grow and have long-term goals to grow effetely. As a nursing student I desired to work in Labor and Delivery.

I accomplished that goal soon after graduation, and have been working in that unit for the past three years. As I started to work in labor and delivery, I realized there were available areas for expansion within the unit. For example, there were three nurses who after becoming registered nurses went back to school and are currently practicing as certified nurse midwives (CNM). I began to ponder what an enormous gift not only it is to assist the midwives, attending, and patients in labor but also have the opportunity to assist in delivering. At that moment, I decided to set a new goal, to become a CNM. “They serve as primary caregivers for childbearing women, and provide care to the majority of women who give birth, this care includes well-woman examinations and provision of family planning services” Williams, D. (2005). A CNM is responsible to care for women throughout the stages of her life this includes but not limited to physical examination, gynecological care, diagnosis, treatment, prescribe medication as needed, assist in delivering of infants, and educating the pt as well as their loved ones. There are steps that I have to take to become a certified nurse midwife first I have to receive my BSN then apply to the program, after the completion of the program, “In the United States, CNMs must pass a national certification examination administered by the American College of Nurse-Midwives Certification Council. To be eligible for examination, a midwifery student must be an RN and have graduated from an educational program accredited by the ACNM. Some states have additional requirements for the practice of nurse-midwifery” (“Ever thought about perusing a nursing specialty? Here’s a sampling of some opportunities to consider.,” 2003, p. 41). Needed Skills

Skills are necessary for the accomplishments of goals either short-term or long-term. A skill that ought to be mastered is time management. It is an obstacle essential to overcome and achieve desire goals. “I always say I have so much to do and no time.” When I read Keys to Effective Learning: Skills and Habits for Success chapter three, I realized that I was not managing my organization skills effetely. When I began to apply what I read soon after, I realized that I manage my time more successful and effective. There are physical and knowledge base skills needed to become a CNM but also other skills are important such as good communication, observation skills, good listener, and a team player. Obstacles

Obstacles are unavoidable consequently problem solving-skills are necessary for when obstacles arises; one should be able to manage. My primary obstacle is fear; fear is very restrictive and held me from returning to school earlier and from reach for my goals. I did not realize how powerful fear can capacitate a person until I experienced it. Fear of the known because the person does not know what lies ahead can lead to delay in decision-making and lead to procrastination. I have been battering with but slowing trying to overcome. Is a learning process to visualize the obstacles and try to manipulate to overcome those obstacles. As a midwife one has fears as well “In 2009 and 2010 14 workshops were held around Australia and New Zealand supporting midwives with skills to keep birth normal and manage common obstetric emergencies. Midwives consistently showed their most dominant fear was death of a baby followed by missing something and being blamed for it. Obstetric emergencies worried them, in particular shoulder dystocia followed closely by PPH.” Dahlen & Caplice, 2011, p. S9).

Personal Goals
Personal goals are very important because it motivates a person become who he or she wants to be, in every aspect in life. Therefore, I have set short-term goals that I want to accomplish that involves with sending more time with my family. New York has a high-speed pace lifestyle where people have to accomplish the most of their abilities in a small-frame, which has affected me and my family. I was extremely engaged in many activities that at the time I thought were more important to accomplish than spending time with my family. Spirituality is very important to me, therefore I yarn to dedicate more time in searching and volunteering my time to my belief. “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.” As a person mature and as life changes the long goals reflect just that. As I get older and am forming a family, I take under consideration what is important in life and the decisions that are made. I am inclining to move out of New York and buy a house, where we have our own small land. I also desire to buy a new family car, something I have desired for some time. Needed Skills

As I want to work part-time and simply my life, it is important to acquire budgeting skills. Make use of a budget is essential skill to meet my goals because “avoiding spending on items and services that do not contribute to attending your financial goal.” Benefit of. (2011). Obstacles

There will be obstacles to accomplish my goals; sacrifices will be needed. I will have to simplify the material aspect of my life. Consequently, I made the decision to work part-time in the near future. I know these decisions that I am arranging will bring happiness, joy, and satisfaction in my family as well as in my life. Goals are set to motivate an individual to achieve desired outcome in a specific time frame. To achieve these desired outcome one must keep in focus their desires and what needs to be accomplished to reach these goals. These are my goals short-term as well as long term; personal as well as professional, there are times when adjustments will be necessary to reach my goals and goals may change according to unforeseeable situations. At this moment these are my goals that I am aiming to reach and accomplish.

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