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Performance Management Plan

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1033 words)
Categories: Business, Economics, Employment, Human Resource Management, Management
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Regarding your request, I am tasked with formulating a performance management plan for Bradley Stonefield. As I understand, Mr. Stonefield is creating a Limousine company in Austin, Texas. His goal is to have 25 employees within the first year of operation. The performance management plane is being developed to ensure the success of this business.


An effective performance management system can play a very critical part in dealing with performance in an organization (Performance Evaluation, 2013). For Mr. Stonefield’s new business, this plan is necessary to guarantee that his organization’s goals are going to be achieved.

This systematic process should include work planning and establishing expectations, frequently monitoring of performance, sporadically rating performance, and rewarding excellent performance (US Office of Personnel Management, 2013).


When discussing planning you’re implicating the structure of performance expectations and objectives for groups and individuals to merge their efforts toward achieving organizational objectives. Setting goals leads to success in improving performance. Goals direct the employees’ attention to the specific performance in question.

It also mobilizes efforts to achieve advanced stages of performance, and nurtures perseverance for advanced stages of performance (Cascio, 2013). When employees are involved in the planning process the understanding of company goals are clearer. The understanding of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how well it should be done is unblemished. Mr. Stonefield will need to clarify precisely what is expected and lead to high levels of performance. Mr. Stonefield has to set organization’s goals by stating that he is looking to provide a first class limousine service and by identifying the annual net revenue, revenue growth, and the turnover rate. These goals must me clearly discussed with the employees. The discussion must show the goals and each employee’s responsibilities and duties within the organization. This process is important so that employees or teams know what is expected of them, in order to remain focused on effective performance.


Monitoring is the process of regularly assessing performance and communicating constant responses to employees on their advancement of attainment objectives (US Office of Personnel Management, 2013). Performance managing is challenging method to execute well throughout an organization due to the demands daily that it requires to be effective. Monitoring gives the supervisor the opportunity to observe how well employees are achieving fixed standards and to make variations to impractical or problematical ideals. Superiors also can pinpoint improper performance throughout the appraisal period during the monitoring process. If performance is found unacceptable supervisor will then offer support to provide a solution to such performance rather than delay awaiting the completion of the period. Mr. Stonefield should monitor each employee’s through their daily trip records and the customers’ feedback. Checking the daily records provides information about time and directions for each trip. It shows wither a driver was on time for his trip or not. Feedback also helps in monitoring performance. Mr. Stonefield can ask the customers about the service they have received and build his assessment based on this feedback.


Developing is growing the capacity to execute precise training, offered assignments that present new talents or higher stages of accountability and refining work procedures (US Office of Personnel Management, 2013). Providing employees high-end training and growing opportunities inspires virtuous performance, toughens workplace skills and proficiencies, and aids personnel to maintain plasticity with deviations in the workplace. By implementing the performance management tool during this process offers a tremendous opportunity for supervisors and employees to recognize developmental necessities. Through daily observation, Mr. Stonefield can assess what needs to be improved. He can create training programs to the employees who need training, motivate employees as they are performing their daily job, and encourage employees to work efficiently by praising their achievements.


Rating is assessing employees or groups’ performance contrary to the rudiments and principles in an employee’s performance plan and conveying a summary rating of record process (US Office of Personnel Management, 2013). Rating of records is dispersed according to processes contained within the organization’s evaluation process. This is centered on work accomplished throughout a full appraisal period. The rating of record has an influence on numerous personnel performance, such as granting pay increases and outlining added retention service credit in a decrease in force. Mr. Stonefield needs to identify an employees’ rating system within the organization’s appraisal program and explains this system for each employee. This helps summarizing employee performance and also helps with linking performance through-out time or across a set of employees. Through this, Mr. Stonefield can know who the best performers are.


Rewarding is recognizing employees, individually and as members of groups, for their performance and acknowledging their contributions to the organization’s mission. It is an effective way to praise good performance, increase productivity, and provide greater job satisfaction. Reward programs should support employees’ behavior, attendance, and efficiency in helping to achieve company goals. Employees work the hardest to achieve a company’s objectives when their emotionally satisfied. A staff member is likely to repeat his exemplary behavior if he is commended for his efforts (Motivo Inspiring Performance, 2013). Using information from the rating system, Mr. Stonefield can assess which performance should be rewarded and what the type of reward can be applied. Rewarding does not always involve money or raise, sometimes a “thank you” works.


Performance management is an essential task for an organization’s success especially for a new and growing business like Mr. Stonefield’s limousine company. This procedure requires a lot of work and will cost Mr. Stonefield both money and time, but at will provide a great benefit for the business. Performance improvements are essential to gain more profits and support the business.

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