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This essay explores three areas of the appraisal process that are crucial and that add great value to the appraisal process. The history and origin of performance appraisal goes back to 20th century yet applies in modern human resource management as one of the ways not only to motivate employees but also create an environment of justifiable compensation and reward. Through performance appraisal, it’s deemed that the most deserving and meriting employees are the main recipients of the appraisal system rewards.

Performance appraisal has hence been referred as the fair, decent, efficient, effective and consistent method to ensure accountability and adequate compensation of deserving employees. Performance Appraisals Although performance appraisal may be seen as a way of rewarding the most deserving employees, the process of appraisal has to be fair and open to be respected and accepted by all employees in any given organization. The process of employee appraisal may entail a number of steps customized to any given organization’s/company’s needs and or preferences.

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As Cash, M. (1993) revealed, though performance appraisals may differ from one company or organization to another, effective employee appraisals entail an effective method of evaluation as well as an efficient and open feedback system. Evaluations are essential in the employee appraisal process to help the employer identify shortcomings in the set performance standards. Any shortcomings identified are then communicated to the employee who is then given an opportunity to respond with any challenges they may be encountering in their work environment.

This is hence deemed as the crucial feedback system that ensures that employees are aware of their job expectations and consequently the implication of their performance on whether they will be selected for appraisal or not.

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In the end, responsibility and accountability from all employees is gained. Through the years, employee appraisals have yielded great benefits and immense success stories. To the employee, motivation, recognition and satisfaction have been the greatest results of employee appraisal that have seen many employees get job satisfaction by feeling appreciated hence they give their best to the tasks and work allotted to them.

On the other side, through employee appraisal the employer is able to evaluate, discuss and agree with the employee on training and development needs. The employee is then trained to develop crucial skills essential for the development and success of the company or organization. As revealed by Gabris, G. T. & Mitchell, K. , (1989), employee appraisal, if not well and fairly coordinated, the result may be continual frustration and poor performance in some seemingly sidelined employees.


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