Positive Side of Peer Pressure: Shaping You for the Better

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Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful

Peer pressure is not always bad. It can assist you show on yourself. Peers may teach you good ideas and encourage you to follow them. Looking at what others do, can help you bring a favorable change in your way of thinking. If you can choose selectively, peer pressure can press you towards something favorable.

For example, when a child knows that some of his buddies regularly check out storybooks or that they have actually signed up for a library, even he feels lured to do so.

He may enter into the routine of reading because of his peers. Seeing that some of your good friends work out daily, even you may use up the habit. Favorable peer pressure can lead you to adopt excellent practices in life. Your peers, their options and ways of life offer you a glimpse of the world outside the four walls of your home. What they think of things in life, how they perceive scenarios, how they react in various situations can really expose you to the world around.

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Belonging to a larger group of peers exposes you to the variety in human habits.

This makes you review your habits and know where you stand. Peer pressure can lead you to make right choices in life. If you are lucky sufficient to get a excellent peer group, your peers can influence the shaping of your personality in a positive method. Their perspective of life can lead you to alter yours.

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It's not push whenever; in some cases it's inspiration, that makes you alter for great. For example, favorable peer pressure can make you give up smoking cigarettes or quit bad routines that you might have. Your peers can influence you to end up being more optimistic or more positive. Your peers might influence you to change and make you a better human being.

If the peer group happens to be in school, you will discover a lot of positive changes happening in your teenager. Since the urge to ‘belong’ to a peer group is all about feeling included and accepted, there is also this natural tendency to behave and become ‘like’ other members of a peer group. Therefore when the members of the peer group believe in doing well in class and doing their regular lessons with care, you will find your child also following suit. The direct effect can be observed in the grades.

The teenager will not only learn to focus on his studies but will also show an inclination in getting involved and participating is several extra-curricular and sports activities in school. Whether the peer group comprises of school friends, neighborhood friends or cousins of an extended family, the effect can always be seen on your child. Amongst the other apparent effects, you will find that the communication skills of the teen improving significantly. His approach, attitude and behavior will always be positive. He will learn to value relationships and will learn that it is important to become and responsible individual.

Is peer pressure beneficial or harmful?

Opening statement:

My point of view on this subject area is simple and straightforward; peer pressure can be beneficial.

Facts and supporting evidence:

  1. Peer pressure can be beneficial because it can help you achieve things in life. For example: You’re about to audition for something that’s been your dream forever, then you all of a sudden get too scared so you decide you're not going, but then your friend pressures you into doing it. And because of your friend giving you peer pressure, you achieved your goals, and you’ve succeeded. Without this type of peer pressure not many people would be successful in our world.
  2. It can also be beneficial because it can help you get out of bad habits. Peer pressure is very well known for getting people into drugs, but nobody ever thought about peer pressure getting you out of them, and peer pressure can get you out of many habits. Last year I used to be late... A lot, but then my mom pressured me into getting up earlier in the morning, and getting ready faster. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be a good student.
  3. Peer pressure can lead you to making the right choices. Say you’re in a bad situation your friend wants you to do something that you really don’t feel like doing, so you talk to your other friend, they also think the idea is bad. So he/she pressures you to not do it, later on you somehow find out that your friend was setting you up, if your friend didn’t help you in that situation, you had the chances of ending up in jail or being dead.


  • 89.5% of the teens in high schools haven’t been pressured into trying cocaine
  • 80% of teenagers haven’t been pressured into trying a cigarette
  • Peer pressure can even start at kindergarten


I know peer pressure can also be harmful, but many people don’t realize how beneficial it can be. When people hear the words “Peer Pressure” usually the first thing they think is peer pressure involving drugs, and that can happen too, but there are many ways of good peer pressure. My personal motto is: CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY!

See, first of all I would like to mention that, a fact which clearly reports that there are approximately more benifits than harms of peer pressure. Also it has an appropriate reason.

In our society, there are more good citizens than bad ones. People mostly tend to have good friend cirlce, than having bad friend circle. Yes, there are some bad groups, which involves drug case, robbery etc. But the fact it is clear that there are less cases in which a person gets harm due to peer pressure. Good friends persuade us to do good things, even we too advise our friends to do good things.

I agree with 1st argument with my support. What he/she said is true. People when hear this word " Peer Pressure" they usually thinks of situation involving drugs robbery etc. But as I said , there much more benifits than harms.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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