Effects of Peer Pressure on Decision Making

Our Peer-to-Peer interaction impacts us every day. From choices, we make, to the locations we go. It is humanity to listen and find out from other people. Though we want to think we have control over outside impacts, research studies show that our surroundings play an essential role in how we operate. Solomon Asch’s (1950) social experiment showed, consumers frequently modify their responses, consciously or subconsciously, when surrounded by others with clashing opinions. Peer Pressure is only rising in today’s society; it can’t be gotten away!

Our teens are the most influenced by peer pressure.

Peers affect individuals due to the fact that they wish to fit in, resemble peers they appreciate, do what others are doing, Its just natural for individuals to identify with and compare themselves to their peers as they think about how they want to be (or believe they should be), or what they wish to accomplish.

see more:# unfavorable effects of peer pressure Peer Pressure is vital to social development.

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Its can’t be escaped! In turn peer pressure can develop an excellent character, if its discovered to be worked properly.

There are 3 main goals that individuals have in the long term: •Accuracy – in that individuals seek practical, consistent actions that are reproducible, through the information they already have and the actions that they do. Think of it as a need to achieve goals effectively and with the greatest perceived reward. •Affiliation – in that individuals seek gratification that their actions ingratiate them with other individuals.

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Think of it as a need to create social relationships with others in a meaningful, maintainable manner. •Maintenance of a Positive Self-Impression – in that people have a constant want to increase their own self-awareness so that they can feel better about themselves. Think of it as a need to behave in a manner that boosts their pre-existing self image – through action, statement, belief etc.

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Effects of Peer Pressure on Decision Making

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