Paying Guest Accommodation is the place where the people who will live by paying the rent for the rooms on the regular basis

We have observed that the paying guest Accommodation uses up a large amount of paper.

i.e. for paying up a bill and all the other activities. It is observed that the paper usage in the India hovers between 9 and 11 kg .

We are destructing the trees day by day to produce up the paper which intend to spoil up the Environment.

The use of paper has been increasing at a greater rate than usual, without knowing what results it could have overall. Greater use of paper has led the world into many disadvantages. It is time for us to take an action and think for once on what could happen if we reduce the use of paper in our daily lives.

Basing upon my observation most of the paper was being thrown away after some time


This will help the owner and person to know how much the amount need to be paid pending bills and all the other expenditure.

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So, Admin/Owner can now get to know the way which he is driving i.e. if the PG is going in loss or the profit


Implementation of paying guest Accommodation will help us to reduce the paper work and that stores up the old data of the people as well

The persons who has paid or need to pay will be known by the software which intern helps us not to lead to the confusion and the customer satisfaction.

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The PG Owner / Admin will be able to keep of track of how many people are paying and how many need to pay are maintained in the database.


  • The Framework has been divided into the following modules.
  • Identify the places where the papers are used.
  • Divide them into each of the task and integrate it to the system
  • Add the automated feature like adding the rent on the month 1st day
  • Calculating the rent on Monthly and daily basis based on the User availability.


Hardware Requirements:

  • Hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz.
  • Hard Disk: 50 GB.
  • RAM : 4 GB

Software Requirements:

Tool: Windows Operating system: Windows 7 or further, Microsoft Visual basic and the Inbuilt Database

Script: Microsoft Visual basic 2017 and above versions, Microsoft Access or any other Databases

Updated: May 19, 2021
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