Paul Cezanne: a great oil painting artist

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Oil paintings are considered to be one of the best mediums of expression in art and Paul Cezanne of one such oil painting artist from France who has been mainly established as Post-Impressionist painter today. The art work oil paintings of Paul were based upon a new perspective. He was a 20th century painter, much ahead in thought process and artistic works as compared to his counterparts. He is often considered as father of all oil paintings artists of his time.

There is mastery in works of Cezanne in terms of the colors he used, composition, design, tone and draftsmanship. His works deal with sensitive issues and use brushstrokes in a exploring manner. The character in his paintings is strong which even today painters use in reproduction cheap oil paintings is. His works are visual treat which today’s artists dream to bring in their oil paints. The modern art painting of Paul like Still Life with a Curtain are even today reproduced for those people to buy oil painting who cannot otherwise afford it.

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Early Works of Cezanne

The earlier works of the oil painting artist include The Card Players in the year 1892 which was a symbolic of his meeting and friendship with Camille Pissarro. They formed amazing working relations soon and made landscape painting excursions which gave the world almost a decade of landscape and nature oil paintings. These oil paintings are rich in figures, groups of people etc that are imaginatively painted over landscapes. This is in contrast with paintings in his later career where he has worked more on direct observations and experimented with light paintings.

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Stability in geometry can be seen with his painting Les GrandesBaigneuses. It is a masterpiece of balance and spatial relation.

Unfortunately his works were rejected by Jury in Paris Salon right from 1864 till 1869. However, he still submitted his oil paints until 1882 in Salon des Refuses. This led to a lot of hardship in his life. He had to lead a poverty stricken life still his love and passion for oil paintings continued. In fact, even Petty Bourgeoisis of Aix found his paintings useless. Many publishing houses ridiculed his works and reported of people having fits of laughter by watching his paintings.

It is an irony that an oil painting artist of his stature has to see rejection continuously in his life and today his oil paintings are studied throughout the world.

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