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Overcoming Emotional Barriers To Communication

Emotions and taboo topics are a barrier of communication because emotions such as anger cause people to talk in a way that is less logical. Taboo topics create a communication barrier because people must be cautious of what they say in case of causing offence, which causes limitations to what is said in discussions. Emotions and taboo topics are overcome by removing oneself from the discussion until the emotions have subsided. Taboo topics are overcome by establishing beforehand what is and what is not appropriate to discuss.

Lack of interest or relevance and distractions in discussions is a communication barrier because the listener is not interested and connected with the communication or does not feel that the discussion is relevant, which makes the listener disengaged from the receiver. This is overcome by focusing more on the receiver, taking into account and valuing what they are saying by showing regard and respect for them.
Perception and viewpoint are barriers of communication because the listener may have a contrasting view and perceive what is said differently, which causes a misunderstanding in the discussion.

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Perception and viewpoint is overcome by understanding the listener more and getting to know them, rather than making assumptions based on discussions alone.

Physical disabilities such as problems with hearing and speech difficulties are barriers of communication because someone with physical disabilities is unable to understand discussions on the same level as someone without them. Physical disability barriers are overcome by professionally delivering messages and making any adjustments that may be needed in order to facilitate discussion properly.

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Body language is a barrier of communication because the body may communicate something different to the words being spoken. If the message is respectful but the real thoughts and feelings are not, this is shown through body languages such as posture and gestures. This is overcome by using different communication channels as opposed to face to face communication such as email or telephone calls.

Language differences and accents are barriers to communication if the participants of a conversation speak different languages. One person may not understand another who speaks a different language. This causes misinterpretation which leads to ineffective communication. Language difference barriers are overcome by making the messages very clear and not using jargon or complex words. Talking in more simple terms about only what is important helps people to understand the message more clearly.

Prejudices and assumptions are barriers of communication because if someone makes false assumptions of someone they are talking to, they may attempt to read between the lines of messages and interpret something other than what is intended. The listener may only hear what they want to, whilst showing disregard to what the other person is saying. This is overcome by talking more seriously to the receiver and being aware of any attitudes and emotions that may cause a communication barrier.

Cultural differences are a barrier of communication because the meaning of words varies across different cultures, which means that some words may be inappropriate in particular cultures. Cultural differences also cause stereotyping, as someone may have pre-conceived thoughts about a person that they are talking to, which distorts the meaning of messages. Cultural differences as a barrier to communication are overcome by understanding and learning about cultures more, whilst letting go of any negative thoughts about them.

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