Overcoming Bullying: King Essay Response Essay

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Overcoming Bullying: King Essay Response

​Bullying is a common problem effecting people ever. You can be bullied on any number of things; sexuality, style, opinion, and personality, just to name a few. Everyone deals with bullying in their own way. Some choose to ignore bullying and some choose to confront their bully head on. There are also some people who tell someone older and more experienced about their problems. Some of these methods are the right things to do, while others are not the advisable choice. I believe that everyone can come up with a suitable solution to this problem that benefits everyone involved. ​The easiest solution to this problem is to ignore the bully and hope that eventually the bully will grow bored and stop. This is not a very effective method for two fairly obvious reasons; one being that the bully may just come up with even more hurtful things to bombard you with, and the other being that if the bully chooses to leave you alone, he/she will just find a new victim to taunt, which doesn’t really solve any problems.

​The next best thing to do would be to inform an adult of what is going on and hope that they will be able to put a stop to hit. This is also not the most advisable method to stopping a bully because it will just anger the bully further. They will resent you for getting them into trouble. They might decide not to attack you in the sight of an adult but the bullying will grow worse when the two of you are alone. That doesn’t solve any problems and can in fact make things a lot worse. There is also a chance that the bully may bring some of their friends into the mix, so if caught him/her are not the one that stands accused of being a bully. ​The smartest action to take when putting a stop to bullying would be to confront the bully face to face. I’m not advising that anyone should fight because all violence does is cause problems. When being bullied I find that is best to discuss any issues with the bully so that matters can be straightened out and leave every party satisfied with the outcome.

In some situations the bully may not realize that their actions are causing hurt feelings. When you confront the bully on these issues you show them how they are being hurtful so in the future they know not to say these things again. In other situations you may find that the bully is also being bullied by someone else and that in bullying you they are making themselves feel better about their situations. In confronting them you discover this and that might prompt you to extend the hand of friendship, which would no doubt offer them moral support throughout their own difficult situation. ​Other people may feel like dealing with bullying in their own way. Some people find it easier to ignore the problem and hope that it goes away and others may think that bringing and adult into the situation will help solve the problem. Not every case of bullying is the same and not every method may be appropriate when dealing with certain cases of bullying.

I believe that discussing your problems with the bully is the best solution and I try to do just that when I feel s though I am being picked on. Discussing a problem produces a solution beneficial to everyone and it is the step I recommend for anyone who is dealing with a bully. I hope that everyone will make this decision when confronting a bully, because it is the best way put an end to bullying. If everyone discusses the problems they are having with someone straight away violence wouldn’t be such a big issue, and I’m not just talking about violence between teenagers but violence between nations. If issues would be cleared up straight away there would be no need for violence and everyone could just get along. I believe that one day, if everyone discusses their problems and issues everyone will get along, putting an end to this unnecessary hurt. ​


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