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Outline the Human computer interaction

Paper type: Outline
Pages: 4 (827 words)
Categories: Computer, Human, Personal Computer, Technology
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Question 1

Outline the Human computer interaction goals aligning them to your organisation (business) giving suitable examples. (10 marks)


HCI goals involve making usable and safe systems which are functional. Below is an outline of HCI goals aligned to a bank.

Proper Functionality

The program should work as it is expected to. A word processor is expected to be used for typing documents and not as a platform for playing games.

For instance, in Eco Bank set up, the interface used for doing banking transactions (depositing or withdrawing) should not be used for handling customer enquiries.


This goal implies that the interface should retain its state consistently.

For example, the ATM controls must remain the same to avoid confusing customers when they try to use it in a way they are used to.


There should be consistency across programs. A user could learn one-word processor and then be able to use any word processor available with a minimum of effort.

For example, in Eco Bank, set up programs used for customer services should be of standard as of its competitors such as Steward Bank and Standard Chartered Bank so as to allow employees to adapt fast if there is a change in systems used in the organization.


The program should work without defects, not locking up or crash.

For example, the cameras in the bank should not have flaws so that the one working at the back end will be able to see all activities taking place.

Security And Data Integrity

It includes protecting users from undesirable situations. The system should protect the users’ data from unwanted tampering and alteration such as hackers and viruses.

For example, the databases in Eco Bank should have tight security so that hackers could not have access to its customers’ accounts.


Multiple programs can be used in conjunction with one another. In Office, one can type a document in Word and then insert a spread sheet into the document.

For example, the bank can offer banking services and also give insurance services


If users cannot find or access a program they will not use it unless it is readily available.

Example, if Eco Bank does not advertise itself to people, no one will be able to know about its availability.


The program should have a more user friendly interface and there should be a provision of clear guidelines and communication with the user.

For example, suppose a user entering details of opening a new bank account in the system, it should communicate with the user with messages like enter full name and pin code, successfully opened a new bank account.


It implies on how easy a system is to remember how to use.

For example, the ATM should provide users with menu options and meaningful buttons to help them to remember steps to follow.

Efficient And Effectiveness

This refers to how good a system is at doing what it is expected to do and supporting users in carrying out their tasks.

For example, the button at the door of the bank should always be ether green or red to let people know if they can open it or not.


It refers to how easy a system is to learn to use.

For instance, people do not like to spend a long time learning how to use Eco Bank application to do banking online. The application should have simple features which are easy to use.


It means the extent to which the system provides good functionality so that users can do what they want to do.

For example, the machine used to count money in the bank should operate well to avoid customers to keep waiting in a long queue when doing cash withdrawals.

Question 2

What is WIMP ?List its elements in HCI and how they are used in Human Computer Interaction. (5 marks)


WIMP stands for Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer.

It describes the graphical user interface of personal computers.

The elements of WIMP are as follows:

  • Window: It runs a self-contained program. It isolates programs from each other allowing users to switch between running programs.
  • Icon: It acts as a shortcut to actions performed by a computer system such as executing a program or a task.
  • Menu: It is a text or icon based selection system that selects and executes programs or tasks.
  • Pointer: It is an on-screen symbol representing the movement of a physical device that a user controls to select icons or data elements.

Question 3

Give two examples of physiological characteristics and two examples of behavioral characteristics of Biometric Identifiers (5marks)


Biometric refers to metrics related to human characteristics and traits.

Physiological Characteristics Identifiers (related to body shape)

  • Finger print recognition – There is a more advanced technique which looks at the veins underneath a fingerprint which are impossible to copy.
  • Face recognition – Analyses shape of the face and its specific features.
  • Behavioural Characteristics Identifiers (related to the pattern of behaviour of a person)
  • Gait analysis – Looks at the unique way a person walk.
  • Signature dynamics – Refers to how a person’s signature looks like.

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