Online Examination System

1.1 Background of the study

It is traditionally that every student takes an exam in a classroom, because they are happy to sit there and have the teacher or the proctor during the exam. In Online Entrance Examination System, we the researcher are trying to change the traditional manual examination in an educational institution for example in Computer Technologies Institute Inc.

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it may help the said institution to nurture up and elevate the functionality of the school. This Online Entrance Examination System is to efficiently evaluate the examiner thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but also give fast results.

It is targeted at removing all the paper works in the examination process usually spent by the teacher or instructor in reading and checking the answer one after the other.

This Online Entrance Examination System is a multiple choice deal for the students and other derivative questions. For every questions asked, the student need to select the right answer provided in the given choices.

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This study are trying to help also us as students to be knowledgeable enough on entering the Information technology field as applying the knowledge in internet.

1.2 Statement of the problem

* Does Online Entrance Examination System works efficiently and effectively? * Can Online Entrance Examination System give a fast result? * Can this study help to meet the needs of the Computer Technologies Institute Inc.?

1.3 Significance of the study

The Online Entrance Examination System is benefit for any educational institutions who will implement this system for example the Computer Technologies Institute Inc. it can help the said institutions to evaluate the students their knowledge and skills before they precede to a certain course they want. 1.4 Scope and Limitations of the study

The study wants to enhance the manual examination process. Its focus is to determine the impact of retention policy on a student academic performance. It has been designed to make the examination processes easier and paper free. To develop the proponent skills in the field of associate in Computer technology. In addition, the said system would also want to lessen man-power workloads and minimize time consuming in checking activities. The study is limited only to selected school who will implement this study.

Authorized personnel will be allowed to maintain the said system. The design proposed system will be limited if there is no internet access and also if there will be any technical problem such us hacking and sabotage and etc. System design will not be capable to give an actual examination or evaluation of the requirements and credential of a new student. These processes will remain manual done by the management but the result from it will be the input for the proposed the Online Entrance Examination System.1.5 Definitions of terms

* Automated System- Any system that does not require human intervention. An automated dresser would be part of the machine setup and would require little in-process attention. * Derivative-an idea, language, term, or other thing that has developed from something else that is similar to it. * Elevate- to raise something to a higher level or position. * Knowledgeable- possessing or showing a great deal of knowledge, awareness, or intelligence. * Nurture- to give tender care and protection to a young child, animal, or plant, helping it to grow and develop. * Online- attached to or available through a central computer or computer network. * Precede- to come, go, be, or happen before somebody or something else in time, position, or importance. * Proponent- somebody who advocates something.

Theoretical Framework

2.1 Review of related literature and studies

Online assessment is now commonplace in many in Australian universities, but Byrnes and Ellis concluded this is largely superficial for both formative and summative purposes (2006). Online assessment is mostly used for quizzes, forums and digital assignment drop boxes. In many cases online assessment is conducted using an institutional learning management system (LMS) such as BlackBoard, WebCT, or an in house product (Pullen & Cusack, 2007; 2008). Online assessments however, offer several advantages for the institution and the learner. These include: • Time analysis of responses to the question level to better discriminate between candidates (Gvozdenko & Chambers, 2007). • Including video in questions, particularly for scenarios in authentic assessment. • Adaptive testing, where the next question to be posed is determined by prior response. • Question banks and randomization of questions and response orders to reduce cheating. • Automated analysis of results from entire candidate cohorts. • Immediate feedback can be given.

Online examination system is a suitable technology that can be used to solve the challenges of paper and pencil method of educational assessment at the university level. The system has features that would alleviate the weaknesses of the paper and pencil method. For example, the system uses question banks that allow random display of single queries thus reducing chances of using ‘mwakenya’ or asking for answers among examinees. To encourage students to revise, instructors can use the system to avail revision questions. The examination databases are highly secured and with restricted access to ensure confidentiality and accountability. The system provides an audit trail of persons who access the databases and thus reduces the risk of leakage. Furthermore results are stored in a database and a student can access full record of units taken and grades obtained. Most important, the system automatically grades the exams and this ensures fair grading and immediate result feedbacks.

To encourage students to write original research projects and term papers instructors can use anti-plagiarism software in grading assignments. In this regard the online examination system ensures that students’ grades are merited. Merit-based results would restore and safe guard the credibility of university education. According to Downes, Fluck, Gibbons, Leonard, Matthews, Oliver, Vickers & Williams Many educators ‘teach to the test’, with varying degrees of institutional support (Mathews, 2006). Therefore for information and communication technology (ICT) to produce educational transformation. According to Finger Ainley & Searle educators must consider which assessment techniques permit students to utilize the affordances of new technology. Without a suitable, computer based way of conducting examinations (as an example of rigorous or standardized assessment), curriculum transformation may be unlikely to occur because assessment is a major determinant in teaching.

Research Design

The researcher conducted a survey regarding this Online Entrance Examination System. The concept of Online Entrance Examination System is spreading all over the world. The Researcher had a survey in some institutions in the internet. During the surveys some institutions been said that Online Entrance Examination System simplified online admission procedure. Major reduction in paper work. Savings of more than 30% in administration cost – lesser budgets for print / media. Reduction in turn-around time of student application and confirmation. Reduction in resources required for the admission process.

Respondents of the study

Base from the survey made by the Researchers through, some schools and test center said this system helps them to enables educators to take exams online with real time results. Examination is one of the critical evaluation mechanism in the education world. With latest trend is to use technology for student evaluation, importance of online assessment is growing. Many entrance examinations like CAT (Common Admission Test ) 2012, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2013 would be conducted online and in future there is likelihood that most of the examinations of school, higher education,entrance tests would be conducted with the help of technology.

Research Locale

The Researcher conducted the study in Computer Technologies Institute to provide an Online Entrance Examination System in there institution. The said school is located in Baliwasan Chico, Zamboanga City. The expected total of 500 students in current semester. With ages of 16 and above. This study want to help the said institution to know the knowledge of the student (who will take the Online Entrance Examination Sytem) it serve as Diagnostic exam. To evaluate what specific lesson/topic will be tackle during the available subjects per semester.


The Researcher conducted a pre-survey regarding this study through online. Based from what we found. This system is more useful especially in reducing paperworks. We surely cannot ignore that the online entrance examination system are inevitable in today’s world. However, it should address the concerns of all. Also, we should get used to the new eco-friendly way of giving exams.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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