Online Entrance Examination System

The online examination system seeks to bring about a paperless solution and save the time of administration and students who are involved in such examinations. This method of examination is fast and accurate, using this method administration can easily check the results of students and can easily be able release the exam results. There are several forms of online examination already in existence, but no institution in Liberia uses such a system for entrance purposes. My project is currently in the information analysis, from which the full development will begin.

Because of the nature of the project, I will use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Laravel, and SQL Database as my main development tools. This project will include an Admin panel, where the administrator can go to add students, test questions, and answers, and also set the timing of each examination. It will also include a student panel where students can log in using a username and password given them by the administrator, where the student can see an option to start their exam.

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The world as we know it is advancing in technology, and Liberia should be no exception to such advancement. The online Entrance examination is just one of the marks for a country developing in technology.

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In Liberia, there are no institutions that administer their entrances online. This will serve as a milestone and enable other schools to get involved and take their school digital. In my experience with doing written entrance exams, there are sometimes cheating, and fraudulent acts involved. Invigilators would sometimes help some students that they have a personal interest, they may even go to lengths of rewriting the student’s paper once the exams are over. The online examination platform will eradicate these situations and bring about a fair and just evaluation process.

What also motivates me to do this project is the prospect that students won’t have to wait a week or two to receive their exam results, the results will be generated instantly and be displayed to the student or sent to their email address. School administrators can now have the means to generate results faster and have it posted. This alone will speed up the process of enrolling in schools. My final motivation as a student studying Information Technology in a developing country is binding upon me to improve my country in whatever way possible and help move toward the technology era, this project shows that I am thinking in that direction and I am working to take my country to the next level. Overall, this project shows modernization and eases the tension on school administration, it reduces the overall cost of operating a school, fosters sincerity, and reduces fraud and cheating during exams. It also brings about ease of access to information.

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