Once upon a time there was an old man...

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Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived with his son in a small hut on the edge of the plain. Every day, the old man was a hard worker and as he was very old. One day, he got ill in such a way that he did not want to get up from his bed. Because of that, he wanted to make a farewell and called his wife to summons their son, as the son was sent to go to the closest town to buy tea.

Come here my son said the old man, 'Please! Do take care of your mother as I am leaving you nothing but my falcon, my cat, and my greyhound. I am on my death bed but if you make good use of them you will never lack food'. This is now my farewell!

Then the old man turned his face to the wall and kicked the bucket.

It became difficult for many days in the hut as there was great mourning.

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As a result, the son remembered the last words of his old man, until finally, he called to his greyhound, cat, and falcon to accompany him for hunting especially for supper. As he was traveling slowly over the plain, he saw a troop of gazelles and indicated to his greyhound to give chase. Therefore, the greyhound caught down a fine fat beast, and the son sling it over his shoulders headed home immediately. The son on his way home, he sees a pond and as he approached a cloud of birds flew into the air.

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The falcon seated on his wrist he shook it, darted it into the air and a bird fell dead to the ground. The son had a pouch and lifted, put the bird in and continued with his journey home.

On the path that leads to the door of the hut, the son stopped feeling a hand laid on his shoulders. 'Son said the voice, you deserve the piece of luck which has befallen before and you are a good son on this day. The young men saw a shining star that was showing his father's face speaking to him and he recognized the voice as the voice of his late father. For whatever length of time that you hold me and following my words, every one of your desires will work out as expected, it said'. The son from that day, he didn't do anything yet respect his father's final words, wishes and they to be sure didn't need food in his home.

This story is appearing and furthermore showing us a thing or two that we need to regard and respect our parents' desires, independent of our experiences. Moreover, the blessings are now and again originating from an alternate point's, so we don't need to be uninformed towards what we have being told. The storyteller has set the story from his social and cultural foundation, furthermore from his own perspective identifying with the desires that he performed by regarding and regarding what he was advised to do. It additionally features that he is an individual that regard his underlying foundations and clan. The olden days in order to have food one would rely on the hunting skills and take care of the family, as there was no formal way of going to work like in this era.

In conclusion, back in the days, there was no need for formal education. Furthermore, the people taught themselves on how to communicate even if the language was a barrier, the old people knew how to understand each other. Moreover, nowadays English is a neutral language that I use for communication, global marketing, job hunting, was taught at school as a second language. To illustrate, I am studying to acquire better skills and knowledge and becoming an example to my children that if I can learn in my age nothing should be difficult for them also to learn new things on daily basis. I can travel around the world as English is becoming the world second language spoken and understood. I can adapt to other community in terms of being bilingual.


Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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