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Struggling was what we could see on her face. She did not earn much but she made sure that her family lived in peace. Us her children would go to school every day and have a proper lunch but at times she would not even have her lunch. She was faithful towards everything she does and she is a very hardworking woman. Her smile was unique because it would brighten up my day. Today she lives 10,853 km away from us so that she could earn enough for us her family to live happily.

I owe so much to this woman whom I am proud to call my mother.

My mother is one of the most very important person in my entire life. We have this very special bond that I cannot even explain. I was so attached to her that when she left us, I could feel an empty space in my heart because the distance we lived was way too far from each other.

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She sacrificed a lot for us because to her, we were her first main priority. She was a very big hearted woman because she did not only loved her children but she also helped those who needed a helping hand.

My mother was a very conscientious woman. She worked 8 hours a day and during the weekend she would opt to go and do night shifts so that she could earn extra. It was not easy for her to do that because she knew that she did not spend enough time with her children but she had no other choice.

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She was also a great teacher and also an excellent listener. If we were doing something wrong like fighting as siblings and not doing our school work that good, she would sit with us and tell us why it is not good to fight and what to do if we see that our school is not going good. Anything we felt like telling her, she would listen to it even though what we were talking about does not concern her because it was way too childish, still she listened to it. She was also staunched that when people do not treat her the way she treated them, she would get hurt by it. Our most memorable moments were mostly in our bedroom where would play a music we would all dance until we ran out of breathe. She was also a very good entertainer that when she would entertain us, we would enjoy it and laugh out loud as if were we the only ones living in the street.

I am so blessed to have someone like her as my mother and I owe so much to her. I am giving all my best to my studies now so that one day, I am able to put a great smile on her smile and also for her to realize that her upbringing is successful.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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