Nursing - Respected and Valuable Profession Through Worldwide

Nursing is a respected and value able profession through worldwide. I choose this profession because serving humanity is serving the god. I have seen many inspirational videos on the internet about how the health team members did incredible job to save some one’s life that effects many lives because an individual has family by serving toward one person changed many lives. My philosophy of nursing is giving quality centered care of the patient is the primary quality of duty of nursing profession which may makes a nurse to obtain character toward become impressive health worker as well as without any discrimination regarding race, color and creed.

Last but not the least, human is a civilized animal in my opinion we should care for each other we are here on earth for each other. Wise deeds make this world beautiful without boarders in our mind. Selflessness care in the key. Nursing philosophy as the basis for nursing practice promotes the proper application of nursing knowledge as well as the development of further nursing theory and knowledge (Marchuk,2014).

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Working in Emergency done many procedures in fast pace with adequate balance of dignity. Metaparadigm concepts polish my skills throughout nursing evaluation. Metaparadigm consist of four units such as nursing, person, environment and health. Clarify nursing theories to obtain knowledge and give evidence for researches (DELIKTAS,2019). The metaparadigm concepts are very essential in nursing. Without embedded concept of nursing metaparadigm may consider lack of professions of nursing. Nursing Component is defined as delivering best quality care for the patient with safe and caring environment.

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Using best technology, communication, skills, knowledge, collaboration and professional judgement for achieving the best results of any client case. Moreover, high quality of service integrated with metaparadigm (Dupree,2018).

For example, such qualities I had been using in emergency department with maintaining collaboration senior staff along with good communication with the client and his family. Learned many things during procedures. The second metaparadigm is person includes focal point of the receiving of care not only patient but family members as well. A nurse should make sure that patients spiritual and social well beings goes together. For future goal is patient will manage his well being with dignity and empowered himself (Dupree,2018). Third metaparadigm is Environment, depending upon person’s social awareness and activities. internal and external factors play a vital role such as physical, psychological, social and entwine (Arnold & Boggs, 2001; Kozier et al., 2014). Fourth metaparadigm is link with patient health related quality of life as well as social and physical resolve of illness and health. Physical environment put a huge impact on patient life where receive health care. Thus, nursing care means major focus on vital focus on theory and practice (Bender, M; Feldman, MS, 2015).

Philosophy of nursing (Dorothy E Johnson. December 1959). “As an art and science which involve the whole patient body, mind and spirit; promotes his spiritual, mental and physical health by teaching and by example… involve the care of the patient environment. Social and spiritual as well as physical and gives health service to the family and community as well as to the individual.” My experience of knowledge of giving care to the patient side by side to the family members as well as community relay on best evaluation and better understanding to the individual belief and spiritual values and rituals because diversity put an huge difference while providing patient care, some time client has different opinion about certain procedure For example blood transfusion as I am a nurse my knowledge says best way of cure is transfusion but client belief its against his religion or point of view so respecting his consent and finding substitute way of care with small meeting with staff members.

The goal is to provide maximum care without hurting anyone’s feeling, color and creed. Many cases I have been witnessed, where medical error happened by just by ignoring or making fun toward patient belief and rituals by health team. Furthermore, Advancement of the medicine and technology may even make it hard to provide care and major point to educate the patient and family members about new different types of therapies are available for curing disease. Some may presume that it is way more ahead their culture as well as un ethical to take that so it is difficult to maintain a professional boundary with patient.

Experience makes everything effective and therapeutic practices along with philosophy of nursing guild lines makes my further skills very kin for the sake of proving good care. Nursing practice is defined as the care-based nursing in which nurses provide proper treatment to the specific diagnosis to prevent illness and promote health (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NURSING, 1994). In nursing practice set of roles, responsibilities and functions are performed by the nurse. In emergency ward I was supposed to receive the patient and and future treatment was followed according to patient’s diagnosis.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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