Farewell to a Respected Leader: Honoring a Great Man

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Welcome Kingsmen and friends. It's unfortunate that we are here today to say goodbye to a great man. A man who was well respected by everyone in this land and beyond. It's in deep sorry that we have to say goodbye to a friend, father, confidant, and a king of this land. King Duncan was more than just a king to us. He was the most humble person I have ever come across. Despite being a king, King Duncan was down to earth and mingled with everyone in this land.

He was a kind hearted man and a person who had the interest of the people of this land at his heart. "Why did I kill such a good man?"

I am sure that every person here remembers King Duncan for various reasons. Some people remember him for being a kind and loving father and a friend. Some of the people here remember him as the lion of this land. To me, he was like a father and a mentor.

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He made me the person I am today and gave me everything I ever wanted. King Duncan was someone I was delighted to share time with. His death has left a huge gap in my life, a gap that no one can fill. "I did not have to murder King Duncan in cold blood after all good things he hid to me. Anyway, I was fulfilling the prophecy I was told by the witches. But I could have waited for my time to come.

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No, it was the only way."

This land will never be the same without him. The success and peace we enjoy today is because of King Duncan. He was peaceful as sleep and could not harm anyone. His achievements solidify his great career as the king in this land. Even during times of conflict, he preferred solving the conflict peacefully. His success is unmatched and it will take many years to match that record. I regret··I regret "stammering", I regret for not being in a position to save him. "How could I have saved Kind Duncan from Myself? That was not possible at all. I will blame the innocent guards forever. I did not have to kill the innocent guards even".

I cannot imagine of what can do justice to King Duncan. We all knew one day the great man will rest but no one imagined it would have been this soon and through murder. As a person who has been highly affected by the death of King Duncan, I can promise that whoever did that will be known and punished accordingly. The best thing the people of this land can do is to give King Duncan justice for his death. "These people may one day know the truth. What will they do to me after knowing the truth? Banquo knows a lot and can one day reveal the truth. I need to act really fast."

"After a short silence." I am lost of words to say about King Duncan. I am really lost of words to say about this great man. "Repeating earlier statements," King Duncan was a friend and a mentor to me. His death has brought a lot pain to me. He did not have to die the way he did. I am sure whoever killed him was not happy with King Duncan being the king of this land. It was unjust for someone who had dedicated his life to serving his people and making them happy to die that way. Although he had the power to do whatever he wanted, he never abused his power. "I should stop at that point. These people may start to suspect me."

This beautiful land will miss King Duncan. People will miss their friend, relative, father, mentor and a king they looked up to. I never wished to say goodbye to my good friend but I am forced to say so. I will really miss your company. I hope to see you when the time comes.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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