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Observing People: A Couple in Starbucks

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It is 5pm on a Friday afternoon, and a senior female is being in the corner of a Starbucks that is surrounding to a supermarket. It is normal for individuals to come by this particular Starbucks before they do their grocery shopping for the weekend, and it looks like if she is unwinding and delighting in the end of the week. The woman is using loose black lounge pants together with a green and black flower print blouse and a light fleece jacket.

On her feet is a new set of black Reverse sneakers, with the white rubber part of the toe still clean and shiny.

Converse sneakers are a preferred amongst new university student, for that reason hinting that the woman may still have a vibrant spirit and interest in style, in spite of her age. There is an elderly man sitting with her at the small round table in the Starbucks corner; and evaluating from the wedding event ring on her finger, he is her partner.

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The ring is gold and plain, showing that the couple is probably of middle-class wealth. The ease and comfort of their interactions suggest that they have been wed for a very long time– most likely between forty and fifty years.

In regards to the husband’s wardrobe, he is using high-water khakis high up on his waist, tube socks, brown suede loafers, a khaki coat, and a blue collared shirt with white polka dots that looks like the pattern of someone’s granny’s couch.

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He has age areas and is using glasses, appearing to be substantially older than his better half. There is also a bandage throughout his high forehead, bridging the area in between his eyebrows and sparse declining hairline. This bandage is probably the outcome of an injury.

Perhaps he slipped and fell on the cooking area flooring in his home; or possibly he tripped and fell outside on the pavement while examining the mailbox. He is relatively comfy and still mobile, although there is a walking cane resting on the back of his chair. Like his spouse, he is using the very same plain gold wedding band. When observing this couple, it is clear that the better half looks after the other half. As he ages, she still has hints of a youthful personality such as her makeup that makes her look younger– bronzer on her face and shimmery pink lip gloss.

The only aspect of her appearance that reveals her age is her thinning hair that is styled in a short, curly style. There is a folded newspaper and a cell phone resting on the table in front of them, but neither the wife nor husband is paying attention to either. Instead, they are having a leisurely conversation with frequent nods and smiles. It is clear that the two have a very loving relationship built upon mutual respect and a long history together. They probably have at least one child who is an adult, along with some grand children.

Their friendly personas seem as if they would be especially good grandparents—the type who spoils their grandchildren and insist that the family gets together on holidays and other special occasions. It is quite calming to watch this particular couple. Although the husband is wearing a watch and there is a cell phone resting in front of the wife, neither of them periodically check what time it is or appear to be in the slightest bit of hurry. Time does not matter to them as they simply enjoy the later afternoon that leads into early evening.

In front of them are also two matching coffees, both tall. This is yet another feature that demonstrates how compatible and in sync with each other this couple truly is. Everything from their seated posture to choice of beverage mirrors one another. They are the quintessential couple that has been married for decades and are still going strong; and as they sit in Starbucks completely unaware of the time, it is obvious that they are quite content and peaceful in their life together.

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