Noodle Express Business Proposal Essay

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Noodle Express Business Proposal

1. Overview of the Business

Noodle Express is a noodle shop that offers Healthy Noodles. All the ingredients are prepared fresh and ready to cook. The noodles contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The way we prepare the noodles is different from the usual way on how it is prepared here in the Philippines. The idea of this is originated from a noodle shop in Thailand. We serve noodles on the spot while the customers observe and wait for the food they have ordered to be served. The noodles are served fresh and hot to the customers immediately. We don’t use preservatives but we use fresh ingredients in making it. The business follows the Thai vendor that is used in selling noodles to the people. They use mobile stalls to wheel their locations every day. Noodle Express goes to the customers and not them to come to us. We make and serve the noodles as they wait.

2. Target Market Our target market is the people living in small areas. One of the basic needs of a person is food. We cater noodles to the people in any places particularly the low class. Mobile stalls are used to sell noodles to the consumers. Instead of people going to shop to eat, we use mobile stalls for us to go to them. The advantage of our business is that we let customer chose the flavor they want. In Thailand, most of the noodles they are selling are spicy while here in the Philippines, people want a different taste. The noodles benefits for all because it is not only healthy but also affordable and cheap as well.

3. SWOT analysis

Strength Why do we consider Noodle Express a healthy business? All the ingredients are fresh and natural. It contains Carbohydrates (noodle), proteins, (meat), vitamins and minerals (vegetables). It is affordable and is beneficial to all especially when our target market is the low class. The noodles contain fresh ingredients and are not preservatives.


Opportunities One of the advantages is that noodles are easy to sell. It is affordable for all. Customers can pick the flavors they use by adding sugar, vinegar or even spices on their noodles. Since Noodle Express uses mobile stalls as vendors, the business can easily go to different locations to sell the noodles to other consumers. It is not just the mobile stalls but the business also puts up a shop for people to come and eat.


4. Conclusions and Recommendations

Our business is affordable, cheap and the best thing of all, healthy. People can afford it since we offer a cheap price for them to buy. Noodle Express is a successful business since it is beneficial for all. We go to the customers and they go to us. Not only that it is fresh, but it is also a healthy food that people could eat. Noodles are healthy especially when the ingredients include more fresh veggies.

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