Nationalism is an infantile disease. It has the measles of mankind

The most difficult and debatable element in the study of nationalism is trying to discover a general definition and an explanation for its existence in politics.

The Oxford dictionary supplies definitions of what a "nation" is, and, the meaning of "nationalism".

1Nation n. " people of mainly common descent and history usu. inhabiting a particular country."

Nationalism n. "patriotic feeling; policy of national independence."

2The term "nationalism" is thought to be the most ambigous concepts in the present-day vocabulary, of political and analytical thought.

Political scientists have attempted to deliver a clearer meaning, and also the reason why nationalism is so "contagious" like a "disease" in the way it spreads throughout the continents and cultures all across Europe and beyond.

3 "A state of mind which gives "national" messages, memories, and images a preferred status in social communication and a greater weight in making decisions"...... "a purely vegetative group feeling" (Karl W. Deutsch 1967, :208).

Albert Einstein in 1921 said a few key words about nationalism; "infantile disease" and "measles".

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"Measles" because nationalism is so evident and leaves its "legacy" on all cultures and has became an embarrassment for political philosophy. The colour "red" is commonly associated with the bloodshed it's caused through civil wars and variations of ethnic cleansing. Nationalism has spread throughout Europe and beyond.

4 Scrutinising forms of nationalism in Europe, like Risorgimento nationalism will prove essential.

5 Emancipation and oppression form some of the elements and roots of the typology of "nationalism".

In exploring the spread of nationalism, the creation of nationalism in the Third World requires to be mentioned and also look at a few words and terms connected with "nationalism".

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I agree that nationalism is an " infantile disease" but only to a certain extent. Nationalism is part of human nature, to remember something in the past is a thing that a whole nation has in common. But people are also weary of what is different or not familiar to them, in this case it may involve foreigners (xenophobia).

6 Nationalism is a "disease" because it breeds insularity (sectarianism) and conflicts, especially in politics through violence and civil wars. Nationalism destroys rational decision-making in politics. Cultural nationalism keeps all mankind and the nation imprisoned in its past and keeps it primitive.

7 Too high a price has been paid to national pride and patriotism, for example in the form of the millions of lives lost in civil wars. Nationalism became most synonymous with this "disease" between 1918 and 1945. 8Nationalism constitutes a group behaviour that has been characterised by insularity and exclusivity fuelled by hostility towards rival groups, almost like "tribalism". In these senses nationalism is seen as a childish and puerile "infantile disease".

9 The French Revolution may have caused the "disease" to spread and produce "the National Awakening of the European Peoples (1789) " Risorgimento (resurrection) was born out of this.10 Linguistic movements and the creators of language became the core of nationalism. This occurred in Catalan, Gaelic-Irish/Scots, Flemish and Basque.

10 Political thinkers portray nationalism as a modern phenomenon born out of industrialisation and the creation of democracy and freedom (of speech).11 Nationalism appears like an "illegal immigrant" or a "disease" in liberal-democratic traditions and policies. Liberal-democrats find themselves supporting some nationalisms and opposing others. 12Nationalism causes a number of "infections" in British politics. Liberal nationalism is a belief of universal right to self-determination. Conservative nationalism values the capacity of patriotism to deliver social unity and political harmony. Expansionist nationalism is a vehicle for aggression and imperial conquest. Anticolonial nationalism is the fight for national liberation and social development.

Updated: Dec 26, 2023
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