This world is developing and mordenizing rapidly Mankind has done

This world is developing and mordenizing rapidly. Mankind has done many important inventions in the twentieth century and one of them is plastic. Microplastics are now made for everyday purposes. Their manufacture may look safe but actually they include a lot of potential ecological hazards. Especially in growing economies like India and China, which are getting rapidly industrialized, leave out a lot of emission. Primary microplastics deserve a special attention in China. Due to China's huge population and it's fast paced economic growth, a country which is undergoing a huge infrastructural change everyday primary microplastics are a huge concern not just in China but also globally.

The study was done to establish the emission inventory in mainland China. In this study it was estimated that the primary microplastics waste from the mainland China. It was estimated that the primary microplastic waste from mainland China amounts to 737.29 gram. One sixth of this amount entered the aquatic environment in 2015. Most of the waste was tire dust and synthetic fiber.

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The main source of microplastic emissions is the population, followed by economic development. At the grid scale,it was seen that the spatial difference in the total primary microplastics emissions in the mainland China primarily depends on the population density distribution and transportation network. Increasing microplastics treatment in sewage treatment plants is a temporary way to reduce the entry of microplastics . Microplastics have been major polluters in the world. They are all around us. They are a part of our life due to our daily usage of plastics.

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We cannot live without plastics just like we cannot live without water. The industrial emissions are a major concern. We all should make an attempt to stop it. China is a developing country, a country which has seen immense progress and has shocked the world with it's economic boom. China is the world leader in exports and is getting higly mordenised day by day. Many developing and underdeveloped countries seek inspiration from China's economic model, an economic model which has uplifted 850 million people out of poverty in China since 1990. China is becoming a powerful country with it's public becoming more and more prosperous day by day. Another country which has also seen development and also had a sudden economic boom, which is also becoming an inspiration for many countries, becoming fastet growing major economy by surpassing China in 2015, but now again placed second this year ,China's disputed neighbour, India. India is also expected to become a major power in the times to come. The two countries might be inspiring other countries but they failed at one thing, Sustaianable development. As seen by Microplastics study in China, India also faces the same problem to some extent. If these countries can inspire other countries in economic development, they can also inspire other countries in sustainable development, given that these countries have the largest green cover. Microplastic waste is very harmful for our existence. So i think that this should be stopped by finding more effective methods before it is too late and it will be better if China take the initiative. It will not only make China an influential nation but also a role model for the whole humanity.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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