In the course of the entire existence of humans and mankind as

In the course of the entire existence of humans and mankind as we know it, many environmental problems have occurred throughout history. One of these ongoing issues happens to be global warming, which can be said to be caused mostly by large corporations’ demand to have fossil fuels like; carbon and oil for nonrenewable energy. The necessity for these fossil fuels overall are needed so desperately due to the economic climate we live in and mostly for financial gain. Since these harmful fossil fuels gain major corporations’ immoderate amounts of money, they turn a blind eye to the exorbitant amounts of gas emissions, damaging the environment tremendously.

Because of the destructive effect fossil fuels have on the environment, corporations that produce excessive gas emissions must be fined since it causes greater and potentially deadly causes with global warming. As the world continues to rapidly change and grow the necessity for energy increases, which also allows the increase in temperature leading to rise in sea level and the melting of ice caps.

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On the other hand, organizations should be able to use natural resources as they largely aid with economic growth; fining corporations’ for using natural resources could be seen as doing a disservice to individuals that depend on the finances produced from using natural resources. By using these resources provided by the Earth, using assets like coal or wind power prevents the risk of hyperinflation on numerous countries. Also fining companies has not been very successful with getting results as these companies.

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To minimize climate change, some corporations like, the European Union, have implemented their own energy policy strategy that encourages firms to add sustainable energy systems, showing that not all corporations simply worry about finances. Additionally, the use of natural resources lessens socio-economic problems since these large corporations provide jobs for working- and middle-class people diminishing the number of civilians suffering financially.

The overall protection of the planet should and must be a top priority since without Earth, the planet we inhabit, we would have nowhere to live and therefore nowhere to make money. In order to be able to continue to live on Earth, people must convert into utilizing more environmentally friendly things. Using solar panels or wind turbines can also be a good use of renewable energy to help prevent global warming. For example, people could use less aerosols and use less carbon to better their carbon footprints; by doing this , it allows everyone to make a conscious effort to better not just the planet but themselves and to ensure that non-environmental are secondary. Although corporations do play a major part in global warming tropical rainforests exchange more carbon dioxide with the atmosphere than any other biome on Earth, and thus play a disproportionate role in the global climate. Therefore, major corporations are not the only reason for the rapid increase in temperature but human activity does play a major part in decreasing and increasing temperatures.

Environmental problems should and must be salient giving the reasons that without a planet to inhabit no political, social or economic predicament would matter since there would be nowhere to live. Though not many citizens are very ardent on the notion of recycling, but this could potentially be something that could save the planet. However, it is commendable that even though it may not be many corporations but some try to prevent excess and waste that could be harmful to many ecosystems and tropical rainforests . In order to reduce environmental problems that could potentially occur in the future the application of resources must be reduced within major companies or at least compensated for an eco-friendlier format. Necessities must be prioritized to be able to be properly distributed within large companies, dependent on fossil fuels. Warming experiments that incorporate warming of the most biogeochemically active ecosystem components can be seen as one of the many ways to acquire environmental change.

Committing to helping the environment helps to show one’s dedication to humanity. These findings conclude that climate change will hinder the spread of European annual grasses in southern Africa, the previous statement shows the extent of how much global warming or climate change has an effect on the environment. Moreover, people need to begin to value the Earth and its resources, not just to use them for non-renewable energy sources but not overly use them just because there is an abundant amount of it. Goals are able to be acquired if global warming is prevented because without the planet no goals would be able to be achieved and or created. Global warming effects not just animals, the weather and an increase in disease but it also affects our way of life.

As humans we must uphold environmental standards as other life forms are not conscious of the circumstances of our actions. Human participation in global warming makes it so there’s too much gases and ecosystems suffer. Individuals should be held accountable for actions made against trying to better the wellbeing of the planet. Humans can be said to produce a high percentage of CO2 gas emissions, scientists try to pursue research that approaches given both funding and logistical constraints in order to resolve major uncertainties, proving that companies are trying to find solutions to reverse the effects of global warming.

Finally, the main purpose and use of fossil fuels in this day and age is to create energy needed to power the rapidly growing population. Renewable energy funds underperform their conventional peers in unconditional models which is why non-renewable energy sources are preferred more than hydropower or geothermal. Corporations that create non-renewable energy like BELCO, use harmful substances to power almost everything from a computer to an office building. The easiest and cheapest way to create energy is with coal or oil which is why it is the main source of energy used today. Although fossil fuels may aid humanity positively it damages the environment negatively and largely impacts our lives secondarily.

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